Fraud Dismissal, Idiocracy at Work.

Oh how the media has become expert at sensationalizing ignorance. Take for example their response to Sen. Paul’s narrative spoken at a recent Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committed hearing (held on November 16th); “The fraud happened, the election, in many ways, was stolen. And the only way it will be fixed is by, in the future, reinforcing the laws.”

Now the general accepted opposition to this statement, promulgated by the opponents to a reliable and auditable voting system, has adopted one or both of the following themes: (1) there is no evidence of fraud being validated by the fact that Trump has lost all of the approximately 50 or so lawsuits having been filed. And/or (2) the defiantly turgid retort that while there is [always] a certain amount of fraud in the election there’s not nearly enough to have changed the outcome.”

The following comment is offered as my summary response to the anorexic intellects that find themselves either occupied with or seduced by either of these disturbing conclusions:

  • While we’ve studied the Judicial response to 43 of the cases filed only 4 contained replies that suggested lack of evidence however, it should be clear that in all of the 43 cases we reviewed not a one allowed the formal presentation of actual evidence and this is due to the fact that as the Courts never heard the cases there was no possible way for the Court to have faithfully entered a judgment as to the efficacy of any evidence. And,
  • On the issue of the extent to which fraud it appears that we’ve now adapted to yet another fantastical theme; we’ve been conditioned  to presume an acceptable level of fraud as being a necessary and inevitable component of a Free and Fair Election Process and thus being the case not only are we confessing to our Tolerance of Fraud we are also accepting that Fraud is permitted to favor one group over another and that we are permitting the entire Election Process/System to be manipulated for the benefit of Some One over Some Other by Some Group Other than those who cast their vote!

Whatever your level of tolerance I do hope you conclude the either of these perspective are survivable and that the sickness these new levels of tolerance expose are reaching an incurable state and that all I’ve got to say on the matter.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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