An act of grace is so inexpensive and rarely costs a thing.

True, Ted Cruz can rightfully take the honor-defense in standing for Trumps comments about Mrs. Cruz, a truly fine person by the way, but his showing up at the Convention clearly wasn’t about his Wife or his Father (and let’s just say this about “Father” Cruz; there’s more to Trumps comments then were ever covered by the media). It was about his political future and his plan to keep his foot in a future run for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, Brother Ted has two problems. He’s exposed that side of him, on a national stage, that many find intolerable. He is, for all practicable purposes and despite many truly amazing attributes, he doesn’t know when to take the high-road and this trait gets him into problems time and again. The other is a matter of memory. The RNC and the Electorate will not soon forget that he failed, with full knowledge, to keep his word and in an era were the public demeanor is waging war on predator-politics he’s going to have some serious “splaining to do.”  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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