Trump Matter

For anyone who’s followed, over the last 30 plus years, the inertial slide of this Country it has been painfully clear that:

(1) you’ve had no say or taken no stance on the matter

(2) there was no chance that the system would self-correct and that if it were to (ever) occur it would only be forced upon the current system from the outside

Well here’s your chance.

The great risk, going forward, is that the phenomenon of Trump will be further misunderstood. There are those who see him as a force that threatens their self-interests, there are those that interpret his persona as vulgar, repugnant, contemptuous and nihilistic and for this reason summarily dismiss him. Some might even interpret this writing as a veiled endorsement of Trump (an utterly brainless assumption), but none of it matters if the greater opportunity ends in forfeit.

Trump will be completely meaningless if it is not understood that he merely represents a point of departure toward an ambition of far greater significance. One that requires each to consider whether or not that before you lies a unique opportunity to reassert the Ideal that is common and beneficial to all. One that will only suffer if the fantasy world of Political Ideology isn’t seen for the load of dung that it is and completely removed from the table. If the fatigue and malaise of concentric dependency isn’t replaced by an apolitical form of de-centric self-reliance and fully accept that this Nations system of government must be made to work as designed and as designed without the talons of political opportunism.

It would be quite foolish to not look closely at the Trump Opposition and observe that they are the very forces of concentric-dependency driving this nation toward the idolatry of global dependency and by extension the very same that oppose the direction best serving the interests of the American People. You know very well this observation to be so by the nature of their protest and the bile that will continue to ooze from every cavity and most importantly by those, even of the same Party, that chose not to make an appearance at the RNC Convention. So much for loyalty unless of course it is tethered to ones self-interests.

Whether Trump wins the Presidency or the forces bent on consuming whatever remains of this Nations sovereignty, wealth and timeless ideals prevail, remember this:  It will have been surrendered not at the sword of an invading force ,but by the overwhelming numbers having no reason to stand in defense of an Ideal worth fighting for. Trump is neither a beginning nor an ending, he represents an entry on your life’s “task” list. He epitomizes the words of Emerson; “what you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say”. His actions simulate the Colonists who first opposed, by their actions, the punishing hubris of the British Crown two and one-half centuries ago.

Today, you are hearing the very same ringing of that very same alarm that is a defining component of the American Ideal that you’d long forgotten and which stirred those who’d fought to both defend and assert the Ideal Americans have replaced with progressive predatory fascism. Whether you accept the fact or not you are nevertheless caught in the midst of what history, 50 years and beyond, will report as a measure of your faithfulness.

Make no mistake; you mustn’t dare silence the “alarm” and go back to sleep! It’s your time to stand independently and be counted.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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