Bloomberg: The Dem’s Donald.

To consider a person of great character first look for the one who champions past the mountain of failures that a lesser person would conceal; we tend to celebrate the victor who had the most to overcome and this is likely the case because it give each person an element of certainty that even they, yes, even they, can be proven victorious.

Bloomberg is the greater metaphor for the synthetic world humanity is being forced to adopt, the collective accord that is seemingly begging for the magic-bullet, the lottery-win, the Ascendant Candidate offering the perfectly progenerative symbiosis that blends pure narcissism with the bliss of a heroin induced high without the price or the consequence of addiction.

There is no fast-track for unseating Trump and the opposition, having consumed the last thirty-eight non-stop months attempting to do just that, has proven that by creating the vacuum of suspicion all they’ve done is expose the malignant weakness of the systems policy apparatus. The RNC/DNC (Deep State) has exposed the magnificent scope of depravity that has sustained the two-party system since first toyed with by Woodrow Wilson and then systematized by the perfected abuses of Roosevelt and the many that followed his methodologies.

Trumps success is quite remarkable when you consider that he attacked the weakness from the outside by using, to his advantage, the systems inherent internal weaknesses. The problem for Bloomberg is that there’s an insufficient number of Never-Trumpers to (1) Overcome Trumps numerical advantage in the Electoral College (the best mechanism, by far and well beyond that of so-called popular vote routines for one very simply reason: it congeals national consensus vs the malignant tendencies of state by state control via political vice) Or, (2) A sufficient number, in any combination, to overcome the voting block represented by the radical left who now controls the narrative of the Democratic Party.

But unlike Trump, who’s only real baggage is his emotive excess (in political terms), Bloomberg has toxic levels of waste that (even) his billions of dollars will not be able to conceal, he is as personable as fried liver’n onions, he’s as approachable as a quarantined tuberculosis patient and his economic ties to China are so deeply tethered that on this issue alone he should be ineligible for White House Residency.

On the other hand, Trump’s appeal is not fully understood or is it is measured accurately. Back in the early ‘80’s I was based in San Diego and every so often I would meet my older Brother for a burger at a place called the “Boll Weevil.” Occasionally a friend of my Brother (his name was Chuck) would join us and each time he arrived he would look at the two of us and in a tone of contempt and disgust he’d say “I don’t get what you two see in this place; it’s a dump, why do you keep coming here?” My Brother’s answer was acutely descriptive; “It’s a damn good burger!” Trump isn’t pretty, he’s not a fashionable transient, transiently fashionable or does he even attempt the veil of anything politically correct but to the many, and by every indication that number is likely to grow, people who seem able to filter out the noise and focus, well, let’s just say they seem to believe he’s grill’n a “…damn good burger!”

By the way, I’m considerate of the fact that when I draft the filters Trump opponents use to grade him as a Man, a Father, a Business Man, a Social Standard, a Spiritual/Religious Celebrant and as a President and then apply the same criteria to their Slate of Candidates a serious problem emerges; not only would they not be able to field a Candidate but even more troubling is that the image their wish-list projects is far worse than any Orwellian-brewed horror could have possibly imagined.

Be careful what you wish for!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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