Donald Sterling – Crippling a Broken Sports Culture

I’m sorry but this whole NBA Sterling brew-ha-ha has to be a manufactured-circus. Something to distract the public from the far more serious crisis at hand; raging unemployment, the downward spiral of the American workforce, the splintering of societal bonds, the deliberate march into global conflict-to-save-a-ruthless-financial system and so on.

I find it somewhat ironic that a national nerve-plexus that pulsates around show stopping performances and larger than gangster-like caricatures should oh-so-suddenly find the very undercurrent of tension it sponsors an un-survivable trauma. Discrimination is in everything humans do much as it is in any attempt to sanitize a culture and the fact remains that cleaning-up ones act is not a top-down bottom-up affair. It’s purely and strictly an inside-out routine and not ever something to model down the runway of media channels!

There’s a far greater offense going on here and it’s one that lives just below the not-so transparent surface and likely the very same one that folk are increasingly growing intolerant of. Particularly with respect to the far more serious matters and the manner in which government is complicit in their occurrence or in its absence or unwillingness to act in opposition to them. The parading of a well- orchestrated ruse meant only as a deliberate assault on one’s intelligence.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: The rank hypocrisy that seems to go unnoticed centers on two specific points worthy of consideration: (1) while many jubilantly champion Adam Silver’s arrogance they don’t seem interested in the fundamental breach of the law implicit in his actions: (a) he’s unilaterally confiscating Sterling’s economic interest. And, for now, (b) he basing his decision on information illegally taken from the personal and private conversations of Silver.  (2) Exactly who is this sanctioning of alleged racists statements being applied to? Is Silver including the players as well or John Kerry for his “apartheid” statement regarding Jewish Israel?  Is he including frequent NBA patrons Al “cracker” Sharpton or Jessie “hymie town” Jackson? Though Sterling’s statements, repugnant as they may be, does he not have the right to say them or are we now sanctioning public opinion through the narrow portal of what is to be “sanctioned” speech? Certainly offensive speech is, well, offensive, but what is far more defenseless is the rampant ignorance that gives a pass to hypocrisy and at the same time joins in the tragedy they so peevishly find offensive. That which sanctions the destruction of their own personal freedoms and liberties. Freedom isn’t always pretty; Tyranny is always ugly!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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