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If You Knew Then What You Know Now; Idiotic Notions!

With no defense of the indefensible intended this particular type of query is pure poison. It’s symptomatic of  congenital ignorance and I’ve been hoping that someone (Media) would have picked up on it and call it what it is (or isn’t), but alas it appears not and so here goes.

The question that Bush, Clinton or any other stooge-like candidate should be asked is this: Knowing what you know now what other type of manufactured crisis would have come along and knowing that the entire scheme is meant and intended only to continue the political/economic flogging into submission of any entity willing to challenge the global consolidation of western-style finance and political demagoguery, would you have (still) gone along with it?  Now that’s the question that needs asking!

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Netanyahu & Putin – Dynamics of Sentiment

The speed of media is such that considerate deliberation has given way to the spontaneity of impulse; at any given moment the message intended can either enrage or fall upon an ear who’s decidedly disinterested. Netanyahu is in an extremely unstable environment; the once always pro-Israel media is now taking up the flag of counter-initiatives and the once alert and ever-faithful U.S. regime is disinterested. Putin, on the other hand, is facing a U.S. Policy regime impulsively committed to encircling Russia however much of Europe and the American public can’t quite grasp why they should care.

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Like Conflicts Alike

Pealing back the multiple layers of media-mucous we notice a striking similarity between the driving interests contesting the Ukraine. On one side you have the Russian Oligarchs on the other side you have the Western Plutocrats; each small, tightly-knit, group preying on the other in an attempt to save and enhance their respective power-base and each willing to toss their largely passive-submissive populations into the grinder of war.

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Donald Sterling – Crippling a Broken Sports Culture

I’m sorry but this whole NBA Sterling brew-ha-ha has to be a manufactured-circus. Something to distract the public from the far more serious crisis at hand; raging unemployment, the downward spiral of the American workforce, the splintering of societal bonds, the deliberate march into global conflict-to-save-a-ruthless-financial system and so on.

I find it somewhat ironic that a national nerve-plexus that pulsates around show stopping performances and larger than gangster-like caricatures should oh-so-suddenly find the very undercurrent of tension it sponsors an un-survivable trauma. Discrimination is in everything humans do much as it is in any attempt to sanitize a culture and the fact remains that cleaning-up ones act is not a top-down bottom-up affair. It’s purely and strictly an inside-out routine and not ever something to model down the runway of media channels!

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