Texas – Time For States To Act

At a time when the disparity of reason is imposing the centrifugal force of chaos it’s high time we invest in a drive for reinvigorating representative government. State Governments have a duty to protect the interests of their Citizens and should never tolerate the imposition of another State(s) (their Elected Officials, Judiciary or Citizenry) actions or inactions the effects of which unjustly impose a disadvantage upon their own.

We are, indeed, one nation however this nation’s Union of 50 States can only function as intended if each State and their respective Citizenry(s) have unanimous equity and while not a One (State) is above the law neither is any One (Individual) above another.

The abuse of wholesale fraud has been perpetrated by certain States upon the whole of a Nation and upon certain States and their Citizenry and it must not be allowed to stand.

It should be a relief to all who hold fast to the principles of representative government that a State and its Citizens have expressed, by their actions, the courage to compel relief from the abuse imposed by the reckless actions of 4 States – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It is appropriate that this State is often referred to as the “Lone Star State”; today, by its actions, the State of Texas stands boldly as the lone voice in opposition to the injustice of predatory interests whose sole ambition is the total disembowelment of this Nation Constitutional Ideals.

Thankyou Texas and let’s hope there are other States who will join the effort to preserve this Nation’s Sovereign Identity and the Ideals upon which the whole is built.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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