Election Ambiguity, Rule & Order

Americans, once again, will have a marvelously unique opportunity to experience the brilliance of the U.S. Constitution at play. This coming January 6th will expose the imbedded Rule & Order behind this genius body of work that is the U.S. Constitution, Article II: Seciton1 specifically. I truly do hope Americans park themselves in front of CSPAN coverage and watch the process as it wades through the compounded sewage spewed from the bowel of this past Novembers Presidential Election.

Once and for all, at least for those who will pay attention to these procedures, Americans will learn what the U.S. Education System has surgically removed from its curriculum; the teaching and analysis of Representative Democracy and its underpinnings as inscribed in this Nation’s founding document, the many unique and inciteful features of its design and one of the most common components of its form that is most misunderstood, i.e., which is that Presidents and Vice Presidents are NOT elected by direct popular vote but by the Electoral College System and that States Unelected Bureaucrats do not determine the Rules & Order of Federal Elections but that the States, under the oversight of Congress, do; the Constitution is quite unambiguous on the matter.

The following, relating to the Electoral Challenges expected to occur January 6th, is a quick summary of a few relevant points of order which you will find of interest:

  • For purposes of Election Ambiguity (Federal), the Vice President of the United States functions as the chief officer, the President, of the Congress.
  • Each State, in the Electoral College process, is afforded a vote based on the total number of its Senators (each State has two) and its Representatives (varies by State Population), this is also how the number of Electors is calculated.
  • In the event of an in-Session vote being required 2/3rd of the States must be present to establish a quorum however only a simple majority is required to pass a resolution placed before the Body.
  • In the current contest, VP Pence, as the President of Congress, has the authority to orchestrate the process and to determine what procedurally happens including how to mediate what is likely to be the presentation of several objections those (likely) to be seven/eight contested States each of which it has been documented to have violated Federal Law by changing Voting Rules administratively and not through the as required State Legislative Process. (Note: This objection has already been ruled on, named State being that of Pennsylvania, by the Supreme Court.)
  • The time period allowed for presentation of Arguments and Evidence is based on the number of Objectors (by State) accordingly, because at this point we don’t know how many objectors there will be, it’s unknown just how long the arguments process will go on however, for example, if there are seven States being contested and let’s assume that there are the minimum required objections of two per state and each Objector is allowed two hours each (then) the math would looks something like this: 7 States x 2 Objectors x 2 hours each = 28 hours.

The question many will likely have will focus on the “what” that will follow once these procedures take place; technically, Pence has the ability, assuming a preponderance of evidence is affirmed, to render a decision which I expect would likely be that he orders the Contested Slate of Electors Back to the respective State Legislatures and orders them to submit a replacement Set within a specified period of time. Once the “return Slate” is tendered their result(s) are then entered into the record and the matter is brought to an end.  In the case where the Replacement Slate returns with the total Electoral Count favoring V.P. Biden then that’s the end of it. Likewise, should the result favor President Trump, the record would so reflect and V.P. Biden returns to the Bat Cave in Delaware.

Constitutionally speaking, the previously mentioned approach is the appropriate response however politically it may not be feasible should the Senate and House Leadership want Pence to abdicate his authority in favor of a Congressional “in-Session” vote; this option would most assuredly submerge the process into total chaos as this is where the mitigation process gets very, very, messy. The miring would be due to the fact that there are cases where even though Trump/Biden may have won certain States based on that States Electoral College allocation the mitigation process (in Congress) is not at all as cut and dry and this is due to a situation likely to develop where certain State Representative(s) and/or Senator(s) voting,  as Individuals, differs from the allocation of their respective State’s  original (December 2020) Electoral Certification.  Sadly, it doesn’t stop there and this further bit of bad news is due to States who modified the original design of the Electoral College Allocation in favor of the “winners-take-all” approach. Suffice it to say is that if this is the direction Congress takes then rest assured the final solution will end up in the hands of the Supreme Court.

Now then, as a refining effort, allow a few closing thoughts: First of all, One truly needs to have spent the last year in Tierra del Fuego not to have expected that the 2020 Presidential Election effervesce with the stench of an open sewer. The DNC, unhappy with the results of 2016’s outcome, pretty much made it clear as to their intent and of course, now nine weeks past, it is quite clear that they’ve delivered on their promise albeit, I believe, that they are quite concerned they’ve exposed themselves, dangerously. Further, for those who continue to believe the widespread fraud was not an affirmative rule in each, at the very least, of the contested States then you’ve relied on a narrative that has steered you in that direction; the evidence to the contrary is pervasive, convincing and thoroughly documented and I suspect you will see all of it presented in the coming hearings. This is not longer about Political Favoritisms; it’s about the future of this Nation as a distinct and powerful promise.

Finally, and by way of drawing the Fraud (finally) issue to an end, let me add a few more bits to the pudding of proof: (A) Consider the GOP gains in the House. (B). The GOP’s maintenance in the Senate. And, (C) The likelihood of the Georgia election turning in favor of the GOP. To think all of these results prove the favor of the GOP, all on Trumps Coattails and despite all this he would (still) lose the election? Really? It is undeniable that the 2020 Election was there for the DNC to harvest, particularly if you accept the narrative that the Nation’s contempt for Trump was overwhelming, and yet they still manage to profoundly record a robust tar and feathering at the ballot box. And still, despite all this, Biden, who registered no single mass-success in any of the 50 States, not even California or New York, you are to believe that he managed a resounding defeat of Trump? I’m a numbers-grunt, a reverent student of statistical analysis and I tell you true, there’s no oxygen in this tent of thinking, not a lick and Pelosi knows, regardless of what happens with the White House, that she’s only two years until mid-terms when she, as Speaker of the House and likely twenty-four DNC Representatives, will be tossed overboard.

It is important that this bloodletting occur, it is important the Americans experience this turmoil so that they (perhaps) learn some sense of value and regard for their Country and its magnificent design. It is, I believe, equally important for the World to know that American’s still value the armatures of Virtue, Character, Wisdom, the Power of Self-Reflection along with a willingness to correct Ones defects these attributes incite.

Yes, we are our worst enemy but in the end we are and remain both our best defense and our most loyal advocate. We must restore our desire to assure one another that no matter what that I (we) will stand to assure One Another’s freedoms all the while with the implicit understanding that if you are unwilling to do the same for me we are of no use to each other or, for that matter, anyone else.

For your New Year and beyond I extend to you and yours Health, Abundance and Blessing in abundance.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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