Biden Survival Strategy

There’s growing apprehension among the narrowing segment of American’s who still revere this Nation’s sacred promise; the implicit bond spoken of and enumerated in its founding documents. The calculated ascension of Joe Biden, chronicled in his 40 plus years of political failures and scurrilous acts marks a critical point in this nations history; the promise is about to, ceremoniously, be brought to an end.

Melodramatic? Perhaps but let us be honest with one another as to the basics, the very basics supporting this conclusion:

  • A functional system of government must rely on the character of its charter and yet while this Nation’s founding documents have long proven a remarkable sanctuary for the assigned virtues we hold to be inalienable it remains, nonetheless, the duty of its People to assure their compliance. This obligation, duty, is no longer fashionable.
  • Integral to the preservation of a nation is not just its cannon of laws but far more important is the equal application of justice such that the Public own the confidence of certainty as to the process and that all and any would-be scoundrels are also equally certain of its application. The most damning assault on this Nation’s inalienable virtues has been the complete and utter failure of the Judiciary chief among the many variants being the Supreme Court. There is no equal application of the law by simply abstaining from being or acting in the name of that which is, undeniably, Just. Justice is, absolutely, an act of commission and most certainly not one of omission.

We, as a Nation, have adorned ourselves with the worse possible attribute: tolerance of fear, a condition that has allowed for the creeping sewer of ignorance which has bent-over to the sweeping ooze of fear-induced division and the celebratory toxicity of indifference that follows. Yes, even now, the eternal prayer for civility and goodness we claim to be Mankind’s greatest ambition has been exchanged for the miscellaneous ramblings that trail the misanthropic malignancy that is, absolutely, the very essence of secularism.

Yes, even now, as the Biden Family Crime Syndicate plans their assault on the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Ukraine, a nation struggling toward its own promise, its own sanctuary for virtues inalienable, has been actively chasing the Biden Crime Syndicate for the return of an estimated 13 Billion Dollars stolen, since 2010, from the People of Ukraine. Watch their New Conference and you’ll see the facts for yourself.

Yes, even now, while the Biden Crime Syndicate’s legal battles abroad are the subject of great inquiry everywhere else the Media and Tech Heathen block it from view here in the U.S.

Not particularly surprising, no doubt of course, that the Biden Faithful see no conflict after all they are the same who speak of their provenance, the estimable qualities betrothed to those who fan the idiotic flames of predatory capitalism, corporate-governance, warped climatology, renewable energy, wind farms, paper straws, the environmental poisons of lithium-ion batteries and their variants, all things cancelable and the rewriting of history to a more socially-just metaphor and yet have not a second thought as to the open-sanctioning of infanticide or slave labor, to name just two of their many hyper-hypocrisies.

Yes, even now, you can choose to stand-4 total opposition to enslaved ignorance or you can choose to continue your resolute indifference but be clear as to the following: your false premise(s), simulating realty, will not suspend the certainty of a most punishing consequence.

Biden Survival Strategy relies on the People remaining remained fearful, divided and indifferent and it appears, tragically, that he will succeed. As was the case with Clinton, Bush II and Obama their AG’s were political ferrets whose sole purpose was to run cover for the rogue antics of the Administration who appointed them and Biden’s AG will be and do no different and so, if you are harboring and fear that Beijing-Joe, his Son or any of his siblings will face the long-arm of the Law rest well with the surety that you’ve nothing to worry, it will never happen.

The System takes care of its own which is precisely why Trump has been targeted; he would not be owned.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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