Electoral College Prevails

It’s a Beautiful thing; a System that protects the democratic process from abuse and ignorance. Whether or not you’re a Trump or an Obama supporter (four or eight years ago), today you’ve witnessed the perfecting function of the Electoral College System.

Yes, it would have been a far more pleasant and affirming outcome had Trump garnered the Nationwide Popular Vote however, let’s be honest, how democratic is a process where one State (California) can effectively nullify the decision of thirty States (those which Trump won)?

To further prove the point let’s take the numbers one step further; Clinton’s 2.8 Million popular vote margin is just barely over one percent of the total national vote count. So you would allow, you would accept, you would propose allowing one percent of the population, from one of fifty States, to rule the outcome of a National Election? This is now our accepted and demonstrated interpretation of a Representative Democracy? I think not!

In short, there were several key reasons for the Electoral College System, the details of which we’ll leave for another time however, the most critical purpose of its design was to prevent the democratic process from being controlled by small, but influential groups usurping the powers of government for their own purpose.

Given the outcome of today’s affirming vote I believe its design has again proven itself equal to its primary purpose. The design of our Constitutional Government is not the weakness or is it the problem. It was never designed or intended to keep Americans from acting or behaving ridiculously. You might even say it protects your right to do just that!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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