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Electoral College Prevails

It’s a Beautiful thing; a System that protects the democratic process from abuse and ignorance. Whether or not you’re a Trump or an Obama supporter (four or eight years ago), today you’ve witnessed the perfecting function of the Electoral College System.

Yes, it would have been a far more pleasant and affirming outcome had Trump garnered the Nationwide Popular Vote however, let’s be honest, how democratic is a process where one State (California) can effectively nullify the decision of thirty States (those which Trump won)?

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October Surprise; a Prelude to What if!

What if the Elite-Order concludes that Trump will win the Presidency? First, understand that the System as it is will not tolerate a Trump Presidency. It has done everything it can, short of the standby crazed-gunman scenario or unexplained abduction, to seize every media venue or opportunity to season the public conscience with some of the most wildly colorful scripts yet devised.

What if Hillary’s medical condition worsens to the point where she is deemed medically incapable? I’ve spoken with three renowned Neurologists and their observations of Clinton’s public display of uncontrolled coughing and vertigo are symptomatic of an at-risk condition. Though it’s medically treatable, the contributory stress-factors are not voidable. This of course might explain why her appearances are so steadily measured.

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VP Biden’s Announces “Free-Skate” for Hillary

Where political skankery is concerned the transparent conclusion is that there is no such thing as transparency. Questions: Does VP Biden’s “out of time” announcement indicate that Hillary’s e-mail problems will go the way of Ambassador Stevens?  Or, has Obama & Biden masterminded the rouse to provide cover for a blast that will soon bury her? Deadlines are not as critical as one might believe; if Hillary goes down Biden could still step in as the DNC Nominee and due to the fact that the Political Operatives have so thoroughly twisted the Electoral College System with their “winner takes all” vendetta the ultimate EC Count could still make a Biden Presidency a possibility. It is important to remember that the System isn’t there to serve the People; it’s evolved to serve itself. CG

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Electoral College, Popular Vote & Thievery-in-Progress

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin 

One of the great ironies of our current election process is the manner in which the people’s focus is being shaped and contoured into a complete form of traumatized-blindness. The People will find themselves voting for an Individual who, if they were to encounter them on any street, they’d dare never to approach; one would observe them as distinctly unapproachable and intuitively, one would avoid them with absolute conviction. 

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