Falling Over the Finish Line

In the third volume of the Blind-Vision Series, Valor in Prosperity, we dedicate a section of one chapter to the discussion of a topic I refer to as “Succeeding at Failure”.  The purpose of the section is to illustrate a point which seems to be quite a common attribute of contemporary political and social order.  The following is an excerpt: 

“Why the title Valor in Prosperity?  I intend it as a parody targeting the government speak-of-the-day which has adopted stimulus as a rallying cry for coercing various forms of destructive legislation and general bumbling. Tragically these forms seed only further dysfunction in seemingly endless ways from financial bailouts, congressional abdication of authority on to virtually every other form of government intervention well beyond its prescribed limits. We are witnessing institutionalized failures the likes of which serves only to insure a lack of accountability and assure irresponsible action. 

To cover the tracks of failure the concubines of excess will not favor actions aimed at correcting past mistakes; they prefer instead to do more of what has proven to expand the domain of failure. This is an acutely interesting observation when one considers the present state of the political, social and economic environs of our nation where every failure is not associated with the proven inadequacies of underlying policy but explained instead as being the consequential result of having insufficiently applied the ever-elusive elixir of extreme excess. We have not only institutionalized a need to fail, we have institutionalized the methods by which it has become a perpetual occurrence. 

One such example of this peculiar ethos can be seen in the Progressive Economic Ideology which objects to promoting economic excellence through market-forces preferring instead to simulate economic actions through government mandated intervention and control. The problem with this of course is that government intervention yields to the PSE factor which proves that in the absence of Torsional Economic Tensions effect there is no free-market competition, there is no shopping for the lowest price or best value when supply, product or service is sourced by a matter government orchestrated decree. Accordingly and as is often the case with progressive economics and its component ideologies, successful-failure is championed as a desired outcome for a select few and as a mechanism for social control for those not part of the few. How is it possible for any Individual to accept these attributes as being a compelling indicator such that when the bar is set sufficiently low mediocrity becomes the single measure of success? Where the expressing of an unalienable right is not in the pursuing of a cause worth perfecting but merely by entitling the mass of humanity to make a claim to an outcome whereby falling over the finish line is the only price of entry.”  

“In the game of political compromise, adverse or opposing opinion invariably becomes an unwilling accomplice serving only to obscure what becomes the promise!” 

We can agree to disagree were it only a matter of interpretation or coincidental occurrence however I believe we serve one another best if we operate from a predictable element of truth; the facts are as they are and they most definitely are not interpretations or mere coincidence. For example, a few facts: 

  • Our own education system, public and private, is with rare exception nothing more than an efficiently automated incubator for reproductive failure.
  • The Politically Partisan Apparatus of self-indulgence and indiscrete bias has over-run the processes of purpose-driven government.
  • The Election Process has digressed to a circus-like atmosphere serving best as fodder for Media intrigue and assassination.
  • Monetary Deists and Conglomerate Business Interests have merged their influences to command the coercive resources of government adverse to the best interests of the People.
  • The U.S. Military has become an extension of imbedded interests who use this potent resource as an extension of their interests; also adverse to the best interests of the People and the Soldiers who they so willingly send into harm’s way.
  • We have seeded an ever-growing segment of the population that is no longer drawn to the ideal of self-dependence and reliance but instead prefers to insist upon co-dependence and entitled reliance despite the mounting evidence of abuse, unsustainability and collateral burden.
  • Whereas this Nation was once capable of economic self-reliance, largely resource independent, perennial trade surplus/wealth creation and manageable fiscal disciplines we are now, due to the fraud that is global economics, indentured servants to a global routines orchestrated by a single and cynical banking cabal.  

To name a few! 

Would that we had only to be concerned about a Trade-War with China; this is the least of our concerns! We are however immersed in a war that is far worse and most American’s haven’t the faintest idea it is occurring but I’ll guarantee you that most American’s can tell you about their favorite television show, sports team or preferred tech device. The War that is being ignored and the prize secured only by a token band of defenders willing to see and observe what few dare acknowledge: The target conquest – The American Identity. 

“It is not our founding principles which have failed; it is our commitment to their preservation that has languished!” 

I believe we are entitled but not in the way one might think; we are all entitled to an outcome equal to our persistent application of effort in pursuit of noble cause. This attribute is what distinguishes Man from all other features and animations of creation; the ability to discern. It is distinct and intimate to each and an attribute that will increasingly torment in a measure equal to the force applied in opposition. Your level of tolerance will be the filter through which your willingness to act will be tethered; the point at which the breach occurs is for you to determine but understand it is inevitable that a choice will be made; either the one you make or the one that is made for you.  Answers? 

The answers neither lie nor are they to be found in the arbitrage of media hype, political hyperbole or in the fluid cesspool of situational convenience; the answers you know, they are routines laid down long ago awaiting your acknowledgment; they are the truths you instinctively know to be true. They are the root cause which lay just beyond this Nations very declaration: “We hold these truths…” and they lie in wait as the prize for pursing a cause worth perfecting. Yours is not the price or the prize for merely Falling Over the Finish Line; what should be of interest to you is the nobility of cause which feeds Mankind’s desire. It is the essence of motive force compelling one to valorous action – the token icon of incidental reward dissolves in its presence and this motive force is what is real, it is the who and the what that you are. 

My oh my you are so very remarkable and remarkably capable! You must never settle for merely being a part of the mass of humanity falling over the finish line; you and you alone must only ever create what becomes the most recent measure of success such that others may be compelled but never bound by it; this is your purpose. You and you alone possess the ability to perfect cause; it is the “why” in why you are here! I believe we serve one another best by getting on with it. Don’t you? 

Yes indeed, you are so very remarkable and remarkably capable! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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