Hillary Health Status Concealing Foreign Policy Blunder?

The question shouldn’t concern itself with her release following a 3 day stay at NY Presbyterian Hospital; the real question is how can and why did a U.S. Secretary of State go completely off-the-grid from Nov 23rd (2012) until her Dec 30th admittance? Where did she go following her meeting with Netanyahu (Jerusalem) on Nov 23rd?

Select intelligence reports say that she suffered severe head trauma as part of a back-door meeting with Ahmadinejad (Iran) that failed. It is also important to recall that the White House and State Department were still heavily vested chasing diminishing prospects with the hope of reversing their plebian foreign policy agenda. All the while in active white-washing mode aimed at covering the blow-back, the actual cause of the Benghazi raid, for CIA directed arms-running into Syria.

Why is this important?  Simple: Incompetence and Mismanagement; never, since the days of Cordell Hull, has the U.S. simultaneously endured such rank levels of ineptitude at both the White House and Department of State. Knowing, in great depth, Mrs. Clinton’s performance chart why and how is it that she manages to garner such extreme levels of esteem? Is this lurid attraction that overpowering? Then again, as in the case with President Obama, the facts were there all along and Americans still voted him into office not once, but twice.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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