I-Ran & Won!

Even if Congress musters the capability to Veto-Proof the Presidents Iranian Nuclear Deal there is nothing to keep the President from acting despite Congressional objections. Given the President’s propensity for bypassing the various protocols of power and the desires of the other participants to re-establish economic ties with Iran, the urge to proceed will likely prove that this refuse will not be contained.

What the President has done, not unlike his other policy failures, is to present his successor with unmanageable chaos. In the case of the Middle-East, the Iranian Deal will only serve to expand the scope of dysfunction.

It will:

(1) Financially reward Iran.

(2) Create an arms race.

(3) Feed sectarian violence.

(4) Sever all ties with Nuclear Non-Proliferation guidelines.

(5) Suspend existing Nuclear Weapons prohibitions.

(6) Force Regional Powers into a regional defense agreement (which will likely include Israel) that will inevitably lead to a military conflict and force the U.S. into either a full-scale retreat or a full-scale military commitment.

If the President truly wanted to press the Iranian Nuclear threat out of existence he need only to have expanded the existing sanction and quarantine Iran’s Persian Gulf thoroughfare. Having just completed a review of the Agreement I can state, uncategorically, that there are no achievements in this agreement unless of course you are the Iranian Regime. For the Iranian people it is merely a promise. A promise that their future will be one of constant threat and conflict and for the region the effect is the same.

Americans will continue to face the most perverse form of extortion ever waged by a Government against its people; further loss of lives while the Nation spends its future conscripted by politically cryptic and predatory policies crafted in the malignant chambers of a sewer. There is nothing rational, intellectually superior or deferential to the Divine for any mind crafting such a monument-to-the-divisive as this.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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