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Iran: The Ballistics of Conflict Portends the Next Missile Crisis!

Persian history is mauled with conflict, internal battles both in political and religious conflicts and the influences of external interests. The Iran of today is a scant residue of its former self suffering the greatest loss of its former land-mass, its territories in the Caucasus, to the Russian Empire during the Russo-Persian wars (1800’s). The discovery of oil (in the early 1900’s) brought about the intense interest of the British and the Russians which, during the World War I & II years, only served to increase Iran’s political and economic instability.

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I-Ran & Won!

Even if Congress musters the capability to Veto-Proof the Presidents Iranian Nuclear Deal there is nothing to keep the President from acting despite Congressional objections. Given the President’s propensity for bypassing the various protocols of power and the desires of the other participants to re-establish economic ties with Iran, the urge to proceed will likely prove that this refuse will not be contained.

What the President has done, not unlike his other policy failures, is to present his successor with unmanageable chaos. In the case of the Middle-East, the Iranian Deal will only serve to expand the scope of dysfunction.

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The Analytics of Bruce Jenner; a National Cover Page

It occurs to me that opening a commentary with a lead such as this risks that someone’s bound to terminate their thinking, believing it’s all about Bruce Jenner. It is as to ambiguity and how it relates in greater context however, as to Bruce individually, I’ll only say that it’s his life and to the extent his actions don’t impale the order of another’s, he’s free to express his liberty as he chooses. As to whether he has that liberty, well, I’ll leave that decision to you.

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