Immigration: Defeating the American Forum

A key barometer of a Nations health can be observed thru its Immigration Policy; it is the very mechanism thru which its virtues are either upheld or defeated. The problem at the southern border is not a function of Immigration Reform, it is an extension of Political and Economic Malfeasance. What is occurring at the border is a function of decade after decade’s effect of errant U.S. Policy spearheading selective economic interests. Essentially, the overflow of political & economic depravity.

Mexico, the key benefactor of NAFTA, is also a majority stakeholder in this scheme and could easily align itself with an American Command-Solution however the U.S. Administration (and Congress) are conflicted by their own political self-interest which is, simply put, code for economic patronage.

The cover story is that the U.S. must “honor its virtues” and take-on whatever the flood delivers, however this is a statement of pure political convenience, at best. If virtue is in fact a virtue then it universally applies; if outcome is the down-stream attribute of action then why is effect not, first and foremost, driven back to its point of origin and at every successive waypoint? What type of disparate logic gives credibility to the vacancy sign appearing in the eyes of any mouth-piece who willingly promotes political advantage at the expense of individual American’s and their sovereign rights not to mention the horde crashing the border?

The issue and its solution have absolutely nothing to do with comprehensive Immigration Reform but everything to do with enforcement of the laws that already exist! If the law is the law then it must be universally applied. What we are doing at the border is proving to the world that the U.S. is incapable of being lawful; that we actively repudiate our own Nations founding ideals.

Is it any wonder we are experiencing an unchecked immigration-driven breakdown of the American forum? After all, what we do speaks far more about our conviction particularly when the actions we teach, at best, that the law is occasional or, for that matter, that there is no enforcement of the law in the USA.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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