Indexing Minimum Wage

Having addressed the issue in previous posts, there remains an additional component that merits consideration: Market value (however not in the manner one might think.) The great contest that yet remains to be resolved is how to address the implicit value represented by access-to-market. In the nation-state as it is enterprise (most typically multinationals) views the American marketplace as a crop to be harvested and the workforce as fertilizer.

We need to strongly rebuke this approach and for a very fundamental reason: absent the economy created by the existence of the individual, none would exist; without the value the multiplying effect of numerous individual economy’s the American marketplace, and its value, would not exist; without the resource of the individual economy, represented by the individuals intellect and labor-force, there would be no resource of labor.

None of this, by the way, is a function of Government however Government exists, if called upon and to do only that which the Constitution provides; “…to regulate.” which, translated in the parlance of the era-written, means “to make regular, to facilitate, to normalize.”

Think of it this way: Consider the chaos that would exist if each state had its own currency and you have the concept and necessity of “to make regular” at hand. The implicit values must be regarded and safeguarded by enterprise if only as a means of self-preservation; to perpetuate and regard the market value attributable to and implicit in the unalienable right of the sovereign individual; and regardless of what the Supreme Court may say the Constitution gives no such right to an inanimate entity (i.e., enterprise) regardless of its corporate form or business structure.

If enterprise is enabled to benefit from the rising effects of price inflation then first in line must also then be the individual whose very existence compensates its existence. For this reason, and others, index the wage-base by economic region and pull the plug on the political-platitudes that habitually accompanies the argument.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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