ISIS: Polling for a Solution

Whether you want to push an unfavorable action, avoid an obvious solution or lack the clarity of conviction the answer seems to be to “poll” until you get the answer you’re looking for. Such is the case in the contemporary world of governance. It’s tantamount to a raffle and symptomatic of a Leadership Vacuum.

In the case of the current matrix, the most current polling data (Reuters) indicates 60 percent of Americans think the U.S. should do more to attack ISIS, but 65 percent oppose sending Special Forces while 76 percent oppose the deployment of Ground Troops. So much for polling where a vacuum of leadership exists.

ISIS is an asymmetrical threat with a solution however, not one with a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey type of an approach. Much as one will not be able to provoke a resolution it is pure ignorance to think that turning a blind eye to the obvious will make it go away.

Understand that ISIS is a creation of U.S. Policy occurring over decades of funneling massive stockpiles of arms into the Middle-East or loads of cash to fund the distribution of foreign arms as means of creating deniability. Decades of destabilizing efforts to combat or fend off foreign interests in opposition to our own, explaining the entire effort as an extension of our economic interests in the pursuit of making the world safe for democracy.

It is rather ironic if you consider both the economic costs, measured in multiple trillions of dollars and the fact that the effort has produced no single successful democracy. Facts are funny little devils, the most obvious of which is that the region is in shambles. It must be dealt with and the current lets-quietly-back-away-so-that-none-will-notice-we’ve-left approach will never work and for one good reason; there’s no mechanism in place that favors, encourages or event directs a favorable outcome.

The current crop of extremists have been cultured in jihad over decades of conflict and so it’s now generational in its breeding. This is evidenced by the numbers (in the multiple millions) of displaced people. It’s reasonable to assume that there’s little to no population base that can be relied upon to anchor any degree of civil opposition given that our success at bombing/targeting useable infrastructure is nearly non-existent.

The solution is quite simple however, it requires a monumental effort (Global) in strategic thinking; it’s social, political, economic and yes it will require the military. The region needs to be re-carved starting with an entirely new State that first acts as a resettlement point paid for by commandeering all oil, gas and mineral reserves. You attack ISIS by squeezing-out the supply that feeds them followed by surgical elimination, then you must sweep the entire region of all foreign made arms. There’s only one way to win a War of Ideologies and that’s by defeating an inferior with a superior ideal.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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