Living Wage; GREAT Illusion, GREAT Risk

Understanding that the growth in the Loss of Middle-Income Jobs (in dollar denominated terms) is no less than nine times the total dollar-value of proposed/possible “Living Wage” employment. One can only conclude that this Socialized Wage-Based Agenda is a most apocryphal policy aimed at fantasy whose only affect will be to fuel a socio-economic crisis.

Now then, if one considers the massive Social Costs attributed to the rapidly exploding component of the “Aged” Population occurring thru 2035 – which in current dollar-terms, as of 2016, is no less than $150 Trillion (Unfunded Liabilities) – then you must ask yourself a series of obvious questions: who, among the Living-Wage component of the population, will be sufficiently solvent to contribute to these costs? How many open-boarder Immigrants, who you are told will be required to seed the economically-diluted “Living-Wage” component of the nation, will then be required to have entry into third-world U.S. in order to make up the difference?

No, even if you confiscated one hundred percent of the so-called One-Percent’s traceable wealth you’d still only fund twenty percent of the projected cost! Clearly the dilemma is not in numbers as, given the current options being offered, they are wholly irreconcilable. No, the dilemma is that to carve-out a rational solution the Political-Class will need to confess the adulteration of their oaths and their fascist allegiance to the Transnational-Agenda were no nation is sovereign, no human is sovereign and no individual’s destiny is self-evident.

The answer lies solely in the capacity of the Sovereign State, submissive only to the Sovereign Individual who both diligently and deliberately remains in command of their Individual Destiny and their Economic Capacity. In this, there can be no diverging interests or can there be complicit forces contrary to a Common Ideal preserved and protected by a Government of the People, by the People and for the People; to be functional there can be no middle-ground.

Your Freedom, your Liberty is either a First Priority otherwise, in the face of a plenary of opposing forces, it is utterly meaningless. As it is now, the Supremacy of this Nations Common Ideal is now under the control of microbial intellects who themselves are micro-managed by a cabal of leaches either of which possess no allegiance to you or your sacred identity. No, they are not your friends/allies.

Truly, excising the cause and crafting solutions for navigation out of the dilemmas this abhorrent format has spawned will most certainly take years, but you must start somewhere and that somewhere is already waiting for you to show. Unify and mobilize!  

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: Whatever you may think about Trump should not overpower a fundamental point of reason. True, he may not be the best of all possible choices however, and never neglect to re-consider the choices that have been made available, what he does represent is a choice that is clearly one in opposition to those who will do everything in their power to assure you that he’s not and redirect you to the choice they’ve made for you.

If not, then what other possible explanation could there be for the war being waged in opposition to him? Understand that if the solutions they offer would have altered the current outcome then why have they not acted upon them? For those that they have acted upon then ask who’s benefited from their complete failure? You? Hardly!  Either way there’s no escaping the fact that whatever the 2016 outcome will be it most assuredly is going to be very messy for Americans. One hundred years of abuse will not resolve itself or without effort or without contest.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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