Militarizing the Police-Bureaucratic Dysfunction.

It doesn’t take much to grasp that Mr. Floyd was not the poster child for model citizenry but that doesn’t entitle anyone to exercise the extremes we’ve come to identify as Police Brutality; this is neither a right we should bestow on any one person over another nor consider a privileged reward for the select few, period!

Over time, chiefly for bureaucratic reasons, expanding influences of Public Unions and the inevitable Politically induced forms of opportunism, Police Departments have become the enforcement arm of all sorts of intrusions masquerading as “the law.” Police Departments are no longer community to protect and to serve affiliates, they are now full-blown paramilitary forces.

Yes, I expect some will take exception to my comments particularly when we look at the level of violent crime and of course my response to any possible offense would require a full-blown literary expose (in the form of a novel) on the subject, for now, kindly consider the following: Local Police forces should never be called upon to be the final remedy for terminally flawed National/Federal/State Policy.

“Police Departments have become the enforcement arm of all sorts of intrusions masquerading as ‘the law.’”

Brutality? Yes, and why are we surprised! Our culture, at every level, reeks from the stench of rotting souls now totally indifferent to hyper-sexuality, violence, the state-sponsored killing of unborn children and any number of anthropologically contrived venalities. Consider the levels of depravity we demand of our fellow Americans; think carefully over the types of horrors we demand from our youths, the countless atrocities we require on behalf of national interests and the many claimed necessities of making the world safe for democracy!

Yes indeed, we toss the defenseless spirit of a fellow human into the hellhole of battle and then expect them to return, to civilian life, unaffected by the hype and trauma associated with combat? Really? Do you have any idea what happens to the conscience/soul of a human being as his/her eye watches, thru their scope, a bullet they’ve fired splatter another human’s head like a watermelon hitting a sidewalk? And then we relieve that Individual from active duty, now amped-up with any number of psychological impairments, and allow that person to become a Civilian Officer of the Law! You’re going to expect the scars of war to suddenly suspend simply because this Individual’s no longer wearing Camo-khaki’s; really? Again, REALLY?

There are so many things wrong with this picture and the battle lines haven’t even, yet, been drawn! Get READY! There a great deal of political advantage to be gained by this! So much for Wu-V19 (COVID)!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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