So, Black Lives Matter, eh?

The FRAUD is now complete. Does any of this twisted notion of knee-jerk retribution have anything to do with folks of African Ancestry; this is all politically driven using the double-barrel blasting of race-indifference and class-warfare. Watch this video clip and look closely at the terrorists masquerading as protesters and then inventory the victims all the while asking yourself: Where are all the Black Lives that you’re being told don’t matter?

Here’s the problem, as predicted, the Country is now defenseless in the face of a total lie and the law-abiding citizenry are completely on their own while the loudmouth anarchist’s believe they are soon to feast on the spoils of depravity. Where, law abiding Citizens, is your protection, where, while the peevish troglodytes parade their newly minted fists of social conscientiousness and join in the destruction of your years of effort, are the Leaders you’ve elected to insure your inalienable rights? I’ll tell you were they are, they’re cowering to the very peasants their policies have propagated!

These actions, like those in the following video and much of what is occurring across the nation, are not constitutional protected rights; there is no such thing as “free speech” when the price is total destruction of the very order that accommodates their privilege!

These Protesters are the very same example of human waste that joined in as the Nazi’s burned-out the stores and homes of Jewish Merchants and then, following the War, when confronted with the devastating evidence of the Nazi atrocities claimed they knew nothing about it! They’re so pathologically week and void of any critical ballast that they hide behind their masks and the faux defiance and social-conscientiousness they claim as their badge of honorable-activism, they find the illusion of stealth a perverse form of sanctuary and yet when faced with a contest they fold like wet tissue paper and flush just as easily. In reality they stand for absolutely nothing but their ability to be dependent on the efforts of someone other than themselves. They are a danger to be sure but not in the way you would think; the danger is in their chronic weakness and the accompanying weight so damaging that it burdens higher thinking and action. You doubt this? Look at how your politicians are responding!

Only when the Public is willing to face-down these anarchists will it come to an end; if not then what’s left of the Republic is not worth saving. Ironically, the weight of the systems collapse will smother the Anarchists because, like all parasites, they cannot persist without a host to feed upon! What would Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Mitt Romney etc. do if they didn’t have the public forum the voters provide them? Answer: Not a damned thing because, if you look very closely at each of them, and not to the exclusion of most elected officials, they’ve made of themselves only that which was made possible by being given unfettered access to the Public trough! What demonstrated capabilities and/or , successes have any of them achieved on their own that justifies the wealth and authority they have been given by the voters? Zero! Oh, and don’t doubt for a second that the Chicoms aren’t funneling money to ANTIFA who, in my opinion, should be labeled as a Terrorist Organization.

Yes, I’m angry!

I find no delight in tragedy or should you.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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