N. Korea; Strategic Division & Going Forward

As to the nuclear proliferation of a militant N. Korea, make no mistake that the key for the U.S. achieving a non-military resolution rests on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist regime and the varied Interests that lay behind them.

The strategic division of N. Korea dates back to the days of expansionist-communism; the Korean War was, ostensibly, fought for the purpose of blocking its expansion. The Chinese ability to achieve the partitioning of the Korean Peninsula was largely due to Soviet-Russia flooding China with munitions, artillery, tanks and aircraft.

Going forward the bantering between the U.S. and N. Korea will continue while I look forward to the President, hopefully soon, making a formal presentation before the U.N. General Assembly where he reasserts a U.S. footprint critical to global security and the suspension of nuclear proliferation while isolating and targeting the key players (China, Pakistan, Iran & Russia) before the world body being an absolute necessity.

A direct challenge to China’s involvement in the overt and covert support of the N. Korean regime represents the most efficient and promising course of action. Sanctions directed specifically at N. Korea are more or less benign unless they promise punitive damages to the donor side of the equation. While China possesses a plenary of vehicles thru which they can shield its funneling of resources there is one and most effective way to trap the whole of their actions; instruct the IMF to provide the Chinese Central Bank a fifteen day notice that their standing, as part of the IMF’s basket of reserve-currencies, will be suspended. The suggestion alone, likely within two global trading-days, will economically quarantine China as predatory currency traders, George Soros the most notable, descend pillaging China into submission.

Despite the persistent claims that a Chinese economic collapse will send the world into a global economic meltdown, which could occur, but only if deliberately orchestrated, is not a calculable risk however, the risks for China is that its own economic and fiscal overload and eventual implosion will simply be accelerated and likely take the Communist Regime with it.

It is estimated that China’s Banking and Government debt-exposure approximates the $36 Trillion mark given that most of its economic enterprises are Government/Party Owned, it is, in real terms, significantly higher. It is also important to remember that China is both an import and export dependent economy funded by fiat-based Central Banking System that is also Government/Party owned.

Further, for those who are concerned about Chinese-Owned U.S. Debt I find the risk to the U.S. completely insignificant and for good reasons:

  • China’s (PRC) debt continues to mount and with interest is presently nearing $1 Trillion and then of course are the hundreds of millions in unpaid royalties, trademark and copyright fees as well.
  • The Country is a walking time-bomb!
  • Last point: The N. Korean Regime will never willingly surrender its control and the U.S. will continue to target various pressure points holding for either China or N. Korea to blink.

Kim Jong Un is well aware of the risks toying with the U.S. represents however, he is also aware that neither Russia or China want to see U.S. area influence expanded and he’s counting on their cover. In this, his error in judgment, will most likely be the why/how and where his tenure will ultimately end.

Let’s just hope that he doesn’t shoot down a U.S. Aircraft or hit a U.S. Ally or other resource before his demise and yet there is a chance that the French/Germans will attempt a multi-party “talk” in an effort to bait the U.S. into a negotiated settlement. However, unless the surrendering of their WMD’s becomes, for the U.S., a non-negotiable issue there is little chance that the current Administration will endorse the effort.

The fact of the matter is that a unified Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula works for the Chinese, the Russians, the U.S. and its regional Allies and the rest of the planet.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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