Raise Act-The Immigration Fraud!

Strange how nearly every attempt to address the quagmire that is U.S. Immigration Policy is routinely plowed-over by opposing groups who claim nearly any effort to do so is Un-American.

This current effort has its weaknesses, however it does target key issues that do focus on the underlying problems and expose the fraudulent abuses that have come to represent monuments to politically motivated abuses. One of the key issues being employment/labor force utility as being (somehow) the feed-trough for fueling a bustling economy.

The fact is that unskilled labor is a false argument as is its claimed connection to economic growth however, it is a boom to the processes suppressing economic-transience (upward mobility) and the disintegration processes that trend toward propagating segmented enclaves where incomes prove nationally regressive (in unskilled labor markets in particular). Poverty occurs devoutly repressive and immersion into the American Ideal (culture) are acutely non-existent and for these reasons alone legislative action along the lines of this Bill’s provisions must occur. This Country must never support legislation or policy that creates a permanent “poverty” class and the destructive forces that follow as a result.

The fact is that most of the domestic economic indicators fail to tell the real story; growth, over the last 60 years is almost singularly a result of inflation or the rapid expansion of government spending and not in the economic segments where employment is directly attached to productive output; we know this from analyzing inflation adjusted household incomes.

“Service” sectors are not reliable indicators of growth largely because they expand and contract with seasonal regularities making them largely short-term/part-time forms of employment and certainly not suitable for proving durable economic performance.

The fact is that there is little to no economic indicators, over the last 40 years, that favorably reflect or support any premise that the U.S. Economy is “durably” expanding; not a one!

The issue at hand has nothing to do with preventing the changing “complexion” of the U.S., it is far more serious than this otherwise dubious notion of race. It’s about understanding the driving forces behind wealth and poverty, social well-being and social disintegration and the sovereign right of the Individual to manifest their desire to better their standing.

At present, and for just over half a century, this Country has been driven by a policy illusion that has stripped any connection between these understandings and actual Government Policy. When one takes a step back from the media-driven chaos and honestly consider the key attributes of the Trump Administration’s agenda and the visceral opposition to it we quickly discover the irony-laden tragedy of our time; the long-hidden truth that there are interests of immense influence driving a “policy illusion” that has absolutely no vested interest in perfecting this Nation’s, or its Citizens, best interests.

It’s long past the time that the Public be told what they need to know, not what they want to hear or what the Government wants you to be told.

Raise Act https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/1720

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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