Nikki Haley – Sidelined Carnival Barker?

Over the last many months I’ve been troubled by a most unsettling and at time most foreboding sense of imminent conflict, the type that accompanies what seems first as a notion, for a time as a pulsating undulation appearing then disappearing and yet with each succession of the cycle it matures to a degree where it is unavoidable. The broken tusk of a once noble creature surrendered to an active state of decomposition.

A seemingly worthy Soldier appearing stout, competent and ready for battle, sui generous – in a class by themself – not just prepared to fight the fights they can win but to fight those that need fought! Then, in what seemed a temporary lapse in judgement has devolved into something quite different, the seduction proves indefensible, the addiction unavoidable, the process of sublimation complete.

The former Governor has allowed herself to be seduced by the very power structure that views Trump as a threat to their fascist global order and are prepared to do whatever it takes to bring him to an end.  What choice does Haley have? Truly, what in the tree of low hanging fruit is left for a GOP Candidate to project that hasn’t already been made a success by Trump during a first term despite having been smothered by false claims even before taking the oath of office.

“The seduction of Nikki Haley has delivered her to the status of a Carnival  Barker pimping the public with salacious epithets.”

What, exactly, is Haley offering? A defense of the Public? A bigger, bolder, brighter future? If she is so blinded by her lust for status that she is unaware of her complicity, then on this point alone she is unqualified to be the recipient of universal support. Without question she has crossed the line and has become nothing more than a party to the same disorder a thinking American Voter should vehemently oppose.

The truth is that the facts surrounding Haley’s present standing is as much a salute to Gov. DeSantis knowing when to step aside, the dictatorial-fascist’s ability to press into service their cross-party line voters and their willingness to feed millions dollars into her war chest to continue their bidding. Not so inconspicuous, is it!

Is Ms. Halley reading tea-leaves, does her crystal ball provide her a pathway with Trump serving multiple life sentences? Is her assault on Trump to be the purest demonstration of patriotic duty? Or is She nothing more than just another locust feeding upon a defenseless carcass?

What has become clear (to me) is that Gov. Haley actions are typical of a rapacious opportunist, the very type of lecherous legionnaire that is the caricature of a self-serving power-hungry hacks. She’d have served her future far more effectively by using her pulpit in total opposition to the abuse of power, the two-tier justice system’s assault on Trump and those behind the scenes cannibalizing the fundamentals ideals that once illuminated the path of this Nation. Instead, evidenced by her actions, she elected to join their league of advocates.

The seduction of Nikki Haley has rendered her to the status of a Carnival Parker pimping the public with salacious epithets and by doings she’s approaching the status of an Al Gore and like him her political future will be a battle of symptoms: Anonymity and Also-Ran. No one outruns consequence!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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