Obama to Come Out?

Will the former President’s joint efforts with Former AG Eric Holder, aimed at reversing the Democrat’s losing trend by pressing forth with a nationwide redistricting campaign, help repopulate the elected ranks of Democrats?

In my opinion, definitely not and for one fundamental reason: where the vote counts, at the grass-roots level, the former President’s political capital barely registers and will not have the influence, particularly now with DNC moving further left under its newly elected leader, Tom Perez.

The strength of Obama’s political influence can be seen in the devastating number of lost seats, by Democrats, over his two-terms in office. His coat-tails, for Democrats, were magnificently ineffective and few Dems running for office, particularly during his second term, rarely even referenced his name during their campaign efforts.

If the Democrats want to rebuild their base they’d best spend their efforts on rebuilding their message including positions that resonate with Americans and not with the narrow-margins of their well-established camp of elitists and vocal fanatics.

Fascism or the messaging from Fascist Ideologues will never appeal to the American Public. If your occasioned to vest in this Country then intuitively you understand that the System Only works for Americans when the System, as designed, is left to work and not tinkered into predatory submission.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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