Paris: Flaw in the Correctness Fad

The loss of life is tragic; greater still is the tragedy of tolerance. Ironic that this nation’s iconic image of liberty, sitting in New York Harbor, is a gift from France. And yet this Nation (and many other western nations including the U.S.) have given over their liberties to the fashionable irony of political correctness and by doing so have opened the door to a most virulent threat bent on total conversion.

Until such time that the deafening silence, by practitioners of Islam objecting to the wholesale assault on life and the unalienable rights of every individual, becomes an opposition of action, no quarter or safe haven should be granted. Here, in the U.S., where the political and legal system will openly defy the will of the people it should come as no surprise that they will do little, if anything at all, to deliberately act in their defense.

It is long past the time where your interests must be met with action; otherwise your rapidly diminishing influence will leave you an alien in your own home. Religious freedom, like others unalienable rights, exists only until such time as their expression suspends the unalienable liberties of another.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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