Presidential Debate Pushes Indisputable Breach

I tuned in to see the Presidential Debate to witness Hillary and how she would fair and if Trump would behave and what I witnessed was Lester Holt running, unabashedly, cover for her. Did he question her on the security risk of her emails/server, the failure of her Middle-East Agenda, the Clinton Global Initiative or even the most basic pursuit of her policy missives? NO!

I expected Trump to stick to his now standard talking points, but what I didn’t expect to see was Trump on defense and forced to spar both with Clinton. Holt took it upon himself to be Judge, the Jury and Plaintiff Counsel while she side-stepped any relevant or even remotely cogent response with her prolonged, and no time-check by Holt, ramblings of pure nonsense.

Trump, to his credit, managed to keep his cool and toss a few barbs, but missed several opportunities to remind the viewer of not only Hillary’s many errors in judgement and even more, their incalculable cost. At this point let’s just hope that Ms. Raddatz & Mr. Cooper (of CNN) and Mr. Wallace (of Fox News) can somehow manage to raise the bar above what has seemingly become nothing more than a predatory exhibition of opinion-only journalism. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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