Richard Blumenthal & Mazie Hirono’s mission matters more (than truth)!

Understanding the deplorable state of the processes of government it is rightly appropriate to point out that these two Senators are the ornamental fringe of a much larger game of staged whoresmanship, one whose sole purpose is to keep Trump from a court upending nomination. Whatever Ms. Blasey-Ford endured can only be known by her and no amount of empathy can or should be used as a tool for endorsing allegations, or should we encourage the fashionability of synthetic rage staged by political operatives expressly for the purpose of overturning the foundational core of our legal system so as to facilitate a temporal power grab. We need to be reminded that it is the durability of our legal system that needs to be respected so that its reliability is further enhanced by our unending reverence for it.

Given that we find ourselves in a unique paradigm, the era of Chimerical-Precedence, it becomes near impossible to prevent effortlessly constructed musings while attempting to defend against them and there is a very simple explanation for this: We are unwilling to assert the principle of the “absolute” and the “incontrovertible” preferring instead the fashion of thallic piety; the kind of thallic piety expressed by Mr. Blumenthal, Ms. Hirono and their accompanying  band of cropped fledglings.  A fight the likes of which is rarely visible and yet no less focused on assuring the progressive Alinskyites their ability to redefine an entire nation; they’re a pack of wolves, a thieving band of whores whose only interest is removing righteousness from the conversation so no standard may exist upon which they can be judged.

Look around you, closely and with a keen sense of reverence for the fundamentals of discriminating-conscientiousness and you will quickly note our increasing infatuation with the ideology of Fascism. Pay closer attention to the eyes and mocking expressions and indignant rhetoric that characterize the ruminations of Sen. Booker, Durbin and Leahy, just to name a few, and the ease with which their relationship with the truth becomes nothing more than a foreign or abstract notion; appalling.

I highlight these characters not because the Republicans are chaste, clearly not the case, however it is true that the Democrats do have a level of blithe efficiency unequalled. How they’ve so successfully managed to suborn the forthright candor of decorum replacing it with an entirely new ritual, where being truthful is now unforgiveable and where pathological deprivation is merely an amoral perspective; it’s a spirit sapping marvel to be sure. A select two of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, when working in tandem with one another, perfectly executed this refine form of debauchery: “4. Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” And “5. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Collectively they’ve been fashioned into a subtle and swift assault as it preys on man’s weaker side; the fear, the risk of being a part of a losing side tethered to our general unwillingness to apply or uphold a standard for fear that we might be held to the same rigors that we will not suffer to keep/maintain.

Our great failure is in our unwillingness to understand that these are very low standards and that indifference is among the lower of them all. To facilitate a cause at the expense of your soul should cause everyone to pause and question the merits of the façade it mirrors; both our poor and unsavory reflections upon ourselves.

I believe the Creator called us to a higher purpose and a higher form.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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