Hit Job: Target- Kavanaugh

By now it should be clear that Ms. Blasely-Ford is yet another hand-crafted staging of political whoresmanship brought to you by Schumer-Feinstein, Inc. Why not? If you can’t find a substantive objection then simply make one up or even worse, assault an individual with a claim that is indefensible by an accuser who conceals their identity. The identity protection argument  (in question) is deeply flawed in itself with no identifiable regard for the identity she’s attempting to destroy.  It is proving to be a claim upon which many assert as believable and yet no corroborative evidence is forthcoming.

Treating a nomination process as if it were a court of law defies the intended scope of the “advise and consent” process. To litigate a matter that would never see the light of day in court,  particularly given that no Federal Crime is alleged or proven or where the FBI has jurisdiction, is patently absurd if not a wholesale breach of procedural decorum.

In one sweeping step the Schumer-Feinstein Club is working to reverse centuries of legal precedence by placing the burden of proof on the accused. Do you hear me? Burden of Proof on the accused! We are now under an even broader threat, that on its own proffers, that we are duty bound to let the accuser determine the legal process! This is a patently absurd and frightening scenario; FACIST! Now, because of the lechery of Schumer-Feinstein and other weak-minded frauds on the committee, Kavanaugh’s nascent judicial legacy is now permanently tainted and made so even before he’s been confirmed and/or heard his first case or written his first SC Opinion; precisely what was hoped for.

Of course, Blasely-Ford is a pathological liar and I suspect that if you pull back a few layers of her cover she’ll be indicted by her own actions. Thus, proving once again how the politics of dysfunction work overtime to demean the processes of government whose sole purpose is to assert control over chaos.

The Dems are quickly losing their control over the game they’re playing while Blasely-Ford’s Attorney, Debra Katz, whose form of expertise has many thinking she received her law degree under the tutelage of the Keebler Elves or even worse, Former President Obama. The best Kavanaugh can hope for is that Blasely-Ford, with the help of Senator Grassley, ultimately and appropriately suffers for her false accusations and the Democrats, for their complicit deviance, are punished at the ballot box. It’s unfortunate to have to modify the process to accommodate this malignant form of political showmanship however, if Kavanaugh isn’t cleansed of this cloud, it will shadow him for what remains of his judicial career.

Curtis Greco, Founder

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