Sanctuary of Violence

Once again, the weakness of the designated Sanctuary-Status proves itself as weak a protectorate as those that believe that by eliminating guns you eliminate violence. This day’s tragedy is once again emblazoned with the same idiosyncratic metaphors to cover for the lies we keep telling ourselves or the false messaging that comes from the menagerie of elected officials who are as much a part of the problem as the lost soul who pulls the trigger. What have we done to these Children? Really? This Nation is going to look to the mindless labyrinth of government for relief, for composing a meaningful solution? The very camp of fools who can’t balance something as simple as a budget? The very same group who can’t seem to grasp the concept of “representative” and yes, the very same group that can’t seem to understand that as a mechanism for protecting the richness of this Nation’s promise you must never permit Illegal Immigration, you must never provide Sanctuary for those who break, sacrifice or dismember the very blessing they claim to be the allure, the definite and absolute force that compels people to come to this Country.

My heart is paralyzed by the horror the precious youth of this nation are forced to endure; the heartless self-indulgence of a culture whose lethargy endorses spiritual abuses en masse and at nearly every substrate of our culture. How clarifying must your personal virtue be to a Child when on one hand we offer our condolences to a parent who, due to an act of premeditated violence, has just lost their child and that very same personal virtue then feel a jubilant and amplified sense of justice over a decision by a Court in San Francisco, by the State of California and all of its Sisterhood of Sanctuary States & Cities, who brazenly tell the Steinle Family and every other American that you and your Daughter(s) are nothing more than rodent waste. Yes, we are so thoroughly scrambled that we’ve convinced ourselves that it is righteous for this Nation to provide sanctuary for lawlessness, for Illegal Immigrants who rob this Country of the promise one remarkable life once represented and was once sacred. How much warmth, trust and sincerity will these children possibly be able to measure from a Political and Legal system long incapable of being able to Preserve and Protect the American Ideal? Not much of course, however of even greater concern is how will they judge their American Family; how will their imprinting dictate what becomes of the Ideal once they truly comprehend how this Nation Demonstrates its Regard for the Sacredness of Human Life. How do you offer a Child the promise of God’s Love, Grace, Comfort and Blessings, how do you impress upon that Child the Sacred and Unique Blessing we each represent when we openly offend the very same promise by killing, since the passage of Roe vs. Wade alone, nearly 60,000,000 (Sixty Million) Children?

If you want to see something done about these senseless shootings, then focus first on the Political Culture that thrives off of the brutality this dysfunctional death-culture promotes. Sur-tax (massively) the Entertainment/Media system that promotes and sensationalizes Gun Violence and use the money exclusively for Childcare, youth development programs and a Media Monitoring Group that uses every available means of technology to monitor traffic for at-risk indicators and need for intervention. Challenge the mindless and near omniscient presence of Government; having given near unlimited control to Federal and State Government has now reversed the roll and relationship between Government and the Consenting Governed. Government has mechanized, has actually automated dysfunction as an integral part of the National, political, economic, administrative, legal and civilian systems so much so that now not only is Government incapable of operating without the dysfunction of business/private influence, Business and much of the private components of the population are so dysfunctional that they too require the dysfunction of government to persist. We know the root cause of all this has nothing to do with guns but everything to do with weakness, the weakness associated with an unwillingness to acknowledge and to reverse a broken system. In many ways the entire affair is no different than the shallow reserve of the #metoo movement which appears to be built on a predatory motive that seems, as best I can tell, to offer some sort of healing for the accuser by openly flaunting what they allege to be the trailing scars of their abuser (and with no obligation to maintain the same standards they’ve claimed to be victimized by) and yet, in practical terms let’s face the facts, we’ve been far too long on a wave of fashionably-scripted nonsense too enticing to ignore. Understand that at some point we’re going to have step-up to the task of setting it all straight, the refocusing of our interests and energies back to the disciplines that allow us to deliver the very best we have to offer. For now, perhaps we might start with acting out, the bringing to life the message we broadcast in our prayers.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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