Subservient State; Democracy Thrives

Democracies thrive when the State is subservient to the People; once the State’s first choice is to save itself you know it has failed. The process requires an enduring cast of characters and there have been many colorful characters over the decades wearing at the core of this Nation’s structural order however let’s consider, for now, the most prominent, our chief caricatures, the preeminent fixtures of the statists, the most recognizable being none other than John McCain and, more and more frequently, the spit-bucket man himself, California’s Massachusetts-born carpet bagger, Adam Schiff. The character of a People is evidenced by the actions of its Government, the actions by those who hold the Peoples trust; this is a most humbling measure!

The People should never be at the tail-end of the order of decision making, quite to the contrary their interest should be primal. When government baits an Adversary with the virtues of their consenting governed an inexcusable conflict of interest exists. A functional Representative Democracy airs its defects publicly which is essential to the recuperative and self-perfecting process. It is essential to the durability and inherent strength of a Representative Democracy that both sides of this process, the discovery and the correction, occur with complete transparency. Sen. McCain seems to think that deception, concealment and self-loathing are preferable when earlier today he exposed his own distemper when suggesting that the release of the Memo was “doing the work for Mr. Putin.” Hardly Senator, it is more likely the case that it is your lofty and self-indulgent detachment from reason that is the very cause for why Putin is perfectly aware of yours and your compatriot’s feather-light convictions and further that it is your steadfast and perennial detachment from your oath of office that shields Mr. Putin from undue risk of over-reliance upon you and your cohorts. By the way, I’m absolutely certain that the Chinese feel much the same way; count on it! Yes of course there are a great many more comical and patrician participants several of which you know of and witness on a regular basis. These second-rate players whose primary functions are to wear you down, to wear-off and fatigue your powers of discernment. The harlequin-like intellectual acrobatics of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Jeff Flake, Orin Hatch or even Marco Rubio are just a few bathing about our great menagerie of governance. Their reasons for despising Trump, and the evidence in support of resolving to this conclusion is irrefutable, is precisely the reason for why you should hope he survives their attack. Remember, it’s not entirely necessary to make the enemy of one’s enemy a close personal friend after all, remember that even if the only common ground between you are the very ideals expressed by the Declaration of Independence what greater exhibition of common purpose could one possibly require!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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