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Sanctuary of Violence

Once again, the weakness of the designated Sanctuary-Status proves itself as weak a protectorate as those that believe that by eliminating guns you eliminate violence. This day’s tragedy is once again emblazoned with the same idiosyncratic metaphors to cover for the lies we keep telling ourselves or the false messaging that comes from the menagerie of elected officials who are as much a part of the problem as the lost soul who pulls the trigger. What have we done to these Children? Really? This Nation is going to look to the mindless labyrinth of government for relief, for composing a meaningful solution? The very camp of fools who can’t balance something as simple as a budget? The very same group who can’t seem to grasp the concept of “representative” and yes, the very same group that can’t seem to understand that as a mechanism for protecting the richness of this Nation’s promise you must never permit Illegal Immigration, you must never provide Sanctuary for those who break, sacrifice or dismember the very blessing they claim to be the allure, the definite and absolute force that compels people to come to this Country.

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Convenient Truths & Inconvenient Lives

As if it were simply a yolk and albumin you fry in a pan the policy of the abortion and human tissue harvesting industry, along with the political system that supports these practices, are artisans in their crafting of convenient science to conform to their fabricated truths; after all, it’s merely tissue.

In the algorithm of science it may be mere tissue however, there is a clear distinction that it intentionally overlooks; it is human tissue developed to the point where the organs, being sufficiently developed, are deemed a valued crop to be harvested. Harvest! Barbaric is the minimalists’ perspective and yet, outside of the womb it would be infanticide.

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