Sen. Portman (R-Ohio) | Pre-planning Mid-Term Outcome

In what seems to be an effort to show voters their reward for a mid-term GOP rebound Sen. Portman is thumping his “Jobs for America Plan” as a “good fiscal and economic plan.”  In contrasting terms, in sports related metaphorically speaking, more specifically, on the occasion of watching a football game, I’m often curious why a 4th quarter losing team suddenly surges in the closing minutes of a game. I’m thinking why not play the entire game as if the current series of “downs” were the last? In other words; are you there to win or are you simply holding out for the other team to inflict itself with a loss?

Politicizing governance only serves to appeal to the lowest possible common denominator when what is needed is clarity of purpose with an eye and ambition focused upon over-achievement.  It is far better to compel agreement, and ultimate action, by raising the standards than to create the illusion of success thru consensus on mediocrity. Is failed leadership oxymoronic or merely hoping that only part of the team takes a loss? It’s not the principles that need changing, it’s the practices aimed at voiding them that do!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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