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Campaign Rhetoric; What’s Missing in Their Economic Plans?

First we must understand that Clinton has no economic plan. What she has is simply a retread of every fascist economic ideology that consistently fails. Take, for example, the claimed “success” of GM; how do you claim systemic success if the enterprise is unable to survive without government intervention? Why would you support an extension of an economic ideology that dumps $13 Trillion of Taxpayer Dollars into government inspired economic incentives with nothing to show for it? How do you plan to expand a job base with no industry or economic system capable of employing the “base” with a sustainable wage?

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Sen. Portman (R-Ohio) | Pre-planning Mid-Term Outcome

In what seems to be an effort to show voters their reward for a mid-term GOP rebound Sen. Portman is thumping his “Jobs for America Plan” as a “good fiscal and economic plan.”  In contrasting terms, in sports related metaphorically speaking, more specifically, on the occasion of watching a football game, I’m often curious why a 4th quarter losing team suddenly surges in the closing minutes of a game. I’m thinking why not play the entire game as if the current series of “downs” were the last? In other words; are you there to win or are you simply holding out for the other team to inflict itself with a loss?

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