Shallow Outrage Over Muslim Obama Comment

Face it, election-politics are as civil as a knife-fight and generally a substantive as a glazed doughnut. Americans by now should be keenly aware, whether you like him or not, that the rush to assault Trump for being unwilling to push-back against an audience comment (regarding Obama being Muslim) strikes the bell of synthetic-rage particularly as its being driven by Media forces and Political Hacks.

Regardless of what the President may claim to be his faith of choice remains largely irrelevant as are the comments made by the individual at Trumps rally or the manner in which he (Trump) handled or failed to handle it. The facts remain that President Obama’s policies demonstrate a resounding deference to Islam particularly where the Shiite sect is concerned and here are just a few examples:

  1. He refused to defend Libyans against the Shiite insurgence.
  2. He failed to prosecute a serious offensive against Assad (an Alawites/Shiite).
  3. He shattered U.S. efforts in Iraq leaving no counter-balance to the ruling Shiite-controlled government.
  4. He failed to prevent the Saudi’s development, equipping and funding of the ISIS insurgency.
  5. His preference for using the ISIL vs the ISIS reference.
  6. His refusal to identify acts of Islamic Terrorist for what they are preferring instead such references as “workplace violence.”

There are many more however, I will conclude with his two crowning achievements: the Iranian Nuclear agreement and his treatment of Israel. The point being simply this: given the evidence before us the very least one should conclude is that regardless of what his claimed faith may be there is no doubt the President is devoutly sympathetic to Islam.

Whatever or however one chooses to process the facts is not nearly as important as the battle being waged over who will become the next GOP Candidate and the methods being employed to derail any threat to the establishment which is precisely why Americans need to remain alert to the ruse and remain vigilant in their opposition to the battle for control over what becomes our future.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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