Sharing Economy | A futuristic solution or A scheme of collaborative decay (P3 of 3)

Let us go back to economic fundamentals: All demand, and thus economy, is local. The principal is an inseparable component of a vibrant economy, i.e., Demand in Search of Supply in possession of a capacity to trade for said Supply.

Doubt what I say is true? Go to your local grocery story and explain to the manager that you are starving  (demand in search of supply) but have nothing to give for the food (capacity) you require or you attempt to exchange (compensate) him/her with something of value that is uncommon to his interest in accepting.

The illusion, like many of our accepted forms of lunacy, is a complete fantasy promulgated by an entirely new migratory life-form. That, in terms of economic modeling, has and will continue to evolve out of, or as the result of, the predatory One-World-Market paradigm. This itself has evolved in an attempt to maintain its position in a post inflation-based economic-monetary-scheme era that has (already) collapsed.

Yes, even in the self-absorbed tech-enviro were intimacy is expressed via cryptic acronyms of a text message, there is no success to be had in fashionably or conveniently redefining economic fundamentals. The neo-synthetic notion of economic fundamentals is expressed in the following manner: Let’s see how much YOU can accomplish for ME while I contribute as little-to-nothing as possible to the process while remaining at risk for nothing!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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