Spending Bill – a $1.1T Challenge for the President

While the Administration is in desperate need of scoring Legislative Victories, it seems that neither Speaker Ryan nor Sen. McConnell are paired to the same sense of purpose. The danger here is that Ryan may, like Boehner before him, be fueling mutiny within the GOP Ranks by surrendering, once again, to the Democrats.

As Sen. Schumer stated in an interview with The Washington Post, “I think we had a strategy and it worked,… Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate were closer to one another than Republicans were to Donald Trump.” If one pauses for a moment and considers his observation we can quickly see the audacious treachery buried just below the surface; we’ve arrived at the lowest possible common-denominator where success is universally repudiated.

Admittedly it may be that the Resolution is to be framed in such a way as to be an indicator of Republican cross-party success however this would be a critical error in judgement as the President was forced to back-down from his own policy agenda. Certainly, not a show of party-unity here and more likely, for the President, an increase in the incline he’ll need to climb if he expects to achieve any of his loftier ambitions.

As expected, Sen. Schumer, evidenced by his Washington Post comments, and Pelosi have received this hand-out, in their customary strategy of divisive-pageantry, as a sign of the dysfunction/weakness that exists within the Ranks of the GOP and given Ryan’s and McConnell’s own actions why raise the expectations.

As to the fact that the Spending Bill contains no single provision mirroring the President’s campaign messaging it is important to consider that each of the Funding Commitments were hold-over provisions from the Obama Administration and likely no different, including the back-door grab-bagging, then if Hillary had been elected.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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