Steve King (R-Ia); Incarcerating Reason!

Why is it that this nation, one that expends an inordinate amount of effort promoting to the world the acclaimed virtues of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, has such ambivalence, at home, toward these same virtues?

Historically common to Nations in decline however, in the case of the U.S. the casual force is significantly different, a predatory force that is cleansing the general conscience of its reason and common bond, i.e., the very Ideals upon which its founding was based. Eventually the American People are going to have to come to grips with the ever-widening schism that is Multi-Culturalism and the fact that there is never commonality under the banner of divisive reverence; not possible.

Iowa Representative Steve King is being lampooned over what any otherwise rational mind accept as a soundly reasoned premise. He’s stated that “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies” and I believe he’s absolutely correct, particularly if you believe the Ideals upon which this Nation was founded are worthy of even the most elementary forms of reverence. If not, then the entirety of the human species is thus neither distinct nor is it capable of distinguishing itself as sui generis, a class unto itself.

On the other hand, if your perspective is otherwise then you understand the necessity of distinction, the purpose of reason and the value of lofty ideals, individually and collectively, and that the purpose each serve in creating the continuity of purpose, the type that is both lasting and universally understood. If there is no universal understanding as to the value and virtue of the Ideal then how does one expect the Ideal to be lasting? How do you have continuity in purpose if no one either believes in its value or knows or understands the depth or context of its meaning?

If a culture’s continuity is relegated to base survival motives how then does one conclude that by simply moving them to another location is sufficiently compelling such that this Individual(s) will do or expect anything beyond base subsistence? Likewise, if the culture of what has become common among a group of people is what defines their continuity of purpose and then you transfer that culture to another location as the host you are then faced with a very serious question: whose/which culture will then become the compelling force? The one they’re running from or the one they’re running too? What if the incoming culture(s) are born and bred in a world of fanatical conflict or congenital deprivation? What if it were a culture that practices Cannibalism? Incineration of entire segments of the population? Genital mutilation? Eugenics?

The great danger of Multi-Cultural Political-Quackery is that it deliberately Dims the Light of Rational Conscience by demeaning an entire population into submission for the single purpose of disabling one’s ability to identify and distinguish principles of the Common Ideals as something distinct among the alternatives, as a compelling force worthy of being shared and preserved such that it will perpetuate. You doubt the truth of this? Look at the social disintegration of Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and France each wrestling with the consequential effects of having adopted the retrograde menu of Multi-Culturalism.

Across this nation there are far too many incidents of this idiotic tolerance, expanding enclaves of cultures who are not choosing to assimilate or who share no reverence for/toward the value and virtue of our Ideals such that they are driven to assimilate. No, point of fact, they are re-establishing the very same construct you’ve been led to believe they were running from, that this nation and its people were providing them sanctuary from, that they were all being led to the shores of Americana because they desire what you have here.

With all that said, let’s accept for the moment that the claimed intimations of Rep. King are acutely wrong; take a look at the Fantasy-Culture the Nation has adopted and ask yourself another equally serious question: Do you really want the “babies” of “others” coming to this Country to revere our dysfunctional governmental practices? Do you really want them to adopt the entitlement culture? Do you really want them to replicate the divisiveness of race-based politics? Do you really want the totality of what has become a Country-in-Chaos to be the continuity of purpose they identify with? Do you really want them to replicate here the chaos they endured in their native lands? Really?

The assault on Congressmen King is proof that those who either don’t understand the Ideal or those who want to bring an end to it are relentlessly pursuing an end to the compelling virtues that brought origin to this Nation, that compelled people from base subsistence levels on to amazing achievements never before witnessed. Because they found value in the continuity of purpose they came to understand its meaning, its necessity and that a promising future was assured so long as it became an Ideal common to all.

Opponents of this Nation as well as a growing legion of their compatriots are openly engaging in seditious behavior and those who have taken well-calculated positions in opposition to Congressmen King’s statement represent (only) the exposed tip of a very long sword; they are, to be sure, in a full-court press aimed at fully incarcerating reason, the silencing of a Sovereign Ideal that lies in wait.

If the Nation is to experience any restorative gains it will only occur if it is driven by the continuity of a common purpose, the Common Ideal, as its only navigational aid. Without it, at best, a circuitous motion driving division ever deeper is assured.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: Patrick O’Connell: They come here because of war and economic reasons. If humans weren’t bent on destroying each other maybe they would stay in their own countries? If the people of the USA had decent jobs for all there would be less problems with integration of “outsiders” (like there was for years). But, go ahead and blame the citizens for the loss of the “common Ideal” that was taken away from them by the loss of their incomes. Yeah, it’s their fault, not the greed that has taken over the country, right? Greed is what has led to the problems you list above. Now, please list ” the very Ideals upon which its founding was based.” and explain how regular people have contributed to this downfall and how the economic system that we have is totally innocent of blame. Thanks!

The Imperfect Messenger Foundation: Simple: they accepted it and by accepting it they became complicit in the outcome. You don’t have to accept greed, you don’t have to accept a lie as if it were true and you don’t have to believe that the outcome is merely a function of victimhood. If one chooses silence or acquiescence as one’s expression of opposition it does nothing to suspend adverse outcome and if for that reason alone, again, one remains complicit. A thought confined to inaction is still, nonetheless, consequential. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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