Stimulus & Spending Bill – Duck & Cover!

With a Price Tag nearing 3 Trillion Dollars no need to spend much time on the sewage, it’s just more of the same old BS in service of pet programs, handouts and indiscretions but not a single dollar spent on any program that creates dollars, solves any domestic issue or expands the freedoms/liberties of the very people the system is intended to serve.

Here’s a simple “to do” list that will, I assure you, completely eliminate the need for the massive wasting of borrowed money:

  • Put an end to all government enforced COVID related schemes not supported by proven and documented science. Reminder: There are numerous studies showing no documentable evidence that mask, and mandates of the same, have any effect on the transmission (outside of hospitals) of this virus. California, as an example, has the highest level of lockdown restrictions and masking requirements and yet has the highest rate of infection while Florida and 31 other states report the opposite metric.
  • Require accurate reporting of mortality data. While all life is precious and sacred there is no benefit or should there be seen to be in sensationalizing the effect (deaths) of the virus. It is utterly idiotic to claim that because there is no specific was to trace a death exclusively to the effects of COVID that any death brought about by the onset of respiratory failure then must be attributed to COVID. To understand the consequence of this intellectual atrocity is to compare it to the claim that suggest that all deaths are related to cardiac arrest (heart attacks) and you base this on the finality of life being confirmed by the fact that the heart stops beating which of course eliminates every other possible cause of death including being crushed by locomotive.
  • Politicians of States who follow the practice of lockdown should be required to surrender their public funded wages. By removing the privileges of power we unlock the fuel of self-reliance and there is no great engine than this for personal and economic development.
  • Specifically prohibit the Federal and State Governments from enacting any/all laws, restrictions that have the force and effect of defeating any/all unalienable rights of documents U.S. Citizens.
  • Suspend, for a period of 24 months, all Federal and State Taxes relating to Business/Personal Income, Withholdings, Business and Compliance Taxes/Fees, for all non-publicly traded companies. For Publicly Traded Companies, so long as their Executive Officers suspend their salaries over $200k per year, they shall receive the same benefit with the exception that they will still continue to pay their portions of any/all Federal and State Withholdings, specifically those relating to Social Security, Medicare and State Unemployment and Disability programs.
  • Start an investigation, under the RICO Statutes, of Organized Labor Unions specifically targeting their political activities. While this activity is being pursued place an injunction on their Federal, State and Municipal panderings the violations of which carry a mandatory six month stay in prison. In-person teach of children is the supreme exhibition of political whoresmanship bar none. Studies have proven that children are no more affected by COVID then the common cold so then why is their development, so necessary to their long-term health, is being so deliberately impaled? There’s only one explanation for this: The overwhelming level of Union influence that sees more value in their power than in their Minions doing what is they are presently being paid for not doing. Shameful, again!

Yes, absolutely, this latest Bill out of Congress is as titanic in its expanse as it is unsurvivable but it doesn’t seem to bother either side of the pollical isle, at least not in any sufficient numbers to make a difference. And, NO, I don’t support the President or anyone who believes that Handouts to the American People are ever a viable solution and here’s why:

  • what are you going to do next month, another 3 Trillion Dollars and then where’s the money coming from to pay it all off?
  • What seeds are being planted by their actions that will yield a productive output?
  • What benefit is it to the American People that their tax dollars are being sent to Afghanistan for “gender studies.”
  • What kind of statement does it make about a nation that will exhaust its own resources in exchange for preying-rights on another (country) and yet not be able to hold a true and faithful election?

What does it say about a nation who claims to be the sole mechanism for making the world safe for democracy but works tirelessly to rob the very process from its own People?

Someone tell me, please, what does it say?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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