Prevalence, Distortions & Submission

It wasn’t difficult to detect the deception, in fact, even now, I’m amazed that even while my original prognostications of November 5, 2020 were typically accurate, I’ve found it far more significant that Folks have so willingly submitted to the overwhelming degree and prevalence of a deeply distorted narrative.

Life is indeed a constant and often exhausting contest between competing forces, good and evil to be sure but most peculiar is that this battle occurs internally, always internally. Perhaps the thought is best expressed in the following manner:

“The matter on display is merely an external exhibition of an internal conflict occurring between competing forces, one being virtuous and its opponent being the fatigue encountered while in pursuit of the former.”

While this comment might appear seemingly incompatible with the overall intent of this commentary for those who have viewed the NETFLIX series “TURN”, more specifically the final episode, near the end, where Abraham Woodhull is providing the narrative whilst he writes a letter to his now deceased Son, I sincerely believe you will recognize and recall the overwhelming feeling of emptiness, the resonant sadness that is unmistakable.

For those who’ve not taken the opportunity to watch this Series I do hope that you will; perhaps it will expose you to the great sacrifices, unimaginable I assure you, of those who fought off the shackles of oppression, of slavery, of unchecked predation, the butchery, the barbaric abuses so that they could express what every human being intuitively recognizes even if they’ve no formal means to express or cognitive recognition of its existence and yet its powerfully evident and if you doubt it so then try suppressing your instinct to draw a breath.

Empty is the feeling of sadness simply because when you consider the monumental burden we should willingly assume, the burden of defending these hard-fought Freedoms – those that only the unchecked expression of Liberty is able to protect and preserve – which with an overwhelming level of approval we now sit comfortably while witnessing their destructions is also the moment we come face to face with the very same scenario that welcomed Hitler to the seat of power. Freedom and its expressive conduit, Liberty, are never conclusively won, they are fought for again, again and again just like the very breath you require.

The present level of ignorance is overwhelming, the indifference is punishing and yet if One has an interest in reading and understanding the truth of what this November elections has unleashed then I suggest you take the time and read the following piece, documented, fully vetted and unimpeachable, titled: “Yes, it Was a Stolen Election.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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