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Supreme Court Declines Review of Same-Sex Marriage

Regardless of what side of the issue one opinion may fall there is a component of the courts decision (to abstain) that is too easily/quickly ignored. While the senior court may stand itself apart from lower court (State/District) decisions endorsing SSM there is a marvelous lesson on Constitutional Law taking place; the first being the issue of “standing” (before the Supreme Court) and then there is the issue of the 10th Amendment (State’s Rights).

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Marriage Divide

April 16, 2009

Wow, can’t believe I’m trapping myself into this discussion. However, I’m being reminded that “I Stand 4” speaking on issues where “flat earth idolatry” is most conspicuous. So then, if I truly stand for what I confess then I must confess a stand! 

I have a saying which you may find interesting, however a fair warning! It is one of those true statements that possess a great deal of tension:  it’s that true!

“Often one finds contempt in their heart for another only to find the torment being that of your own conscience, staring at you in disgust!”

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