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Congress: Suffering Fools

National policy should be the domain of the whole of the U.S.; argued and articulated within the confines of the American public and the wagering of their elected officials. To telegraph or appeal, directly, internal policy disputes to an adversary are not a display of strength but a peevish display of weakness.
The only characterization describing the condition of mind consuming 47 U.S. Senators (all Republicans), at the moment, is brazen stupidity. All they needed to have done was educate the public of the risks and dangers (factually and without hyperbole), urge them to express their concerns to their elected officials and sit back and watch the Administration create yet another Foreign Policy failure. Now, along with the entire U.S. Administration and the negotiating team, all they’ve done is elevate the level of shame and further destroy the Influence Capital of the U.S. Ensuring that the U.S. will be forced into a military confrontation with Iran and even worse, a surrogate battle with Russia; suffering fools.
Where the U.K. had only one Neville Chamberlain the American people have a great majority of 435 Members of Congress leading a National Death-March meanwhile the Administration simulates their notion of National Stewardship no different than a group of community organizers fighting over a federal grant. Their failure; your price!
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: What if? Now there is one scenario that needs considering: The entire scheme is merely an effort to draw Iran into a false euphoria; pull them into a battle in Iraq and on into Syria in an effort to expose their military chain of command and hopefully draw ISIS into Iran.
Yes, I know it may seem extreme, but one rule never to be broken when analyzing foreign policy, is to avoid at all costs, filtering a perspective thru your own regime of thought. No one, not Russia, China, E.U. or Middle-East States want to see Iran nuclear so then why has it been so difficult to obtain a Global Consensus on prohibiting that from occurring? Here’s why; the Threat of a Nuclear-Armed Iran is a far more effective form of leverage than the bomb itself. 
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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