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Ted & Bernie Talk Pros-Cons of Healthcare

Watching the CNN broadcast of this sparring exercise illustrates just how disparate the positions are relative to healthcare. On the Sen. Sanders side, you have the view that Healthcare is an explicit “right” to be provided by Government while on the side represented by Sen. Cruz you have the position that wrestles with “access” to a system that is wholly dependent on the efficient delivery of services provided by the private sector which use block-grants to the States to breach the affordability issue.

On the Sanders-side, whose solution rests primarily on using the Medicare model, he ignores two fundamental issues:

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Hillary’s Fair Share; Grasping at Flaws!

First things first; no social experiment survives without an economy capable of supporting its costs while mining revenues from a diminishing field of productivity only hastens the expanding shortfall. The result of syphoning off whatever seeding potential might exist and this is established fact, both on fiscal/economic and human terms. And so, with respect to proposed tax plans, much of what politicians tease is ruthlessly unsound while the truth is far more relevant.

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Bernie Sanders may just be John Kerry’s Newest Best Friend!

Bernie Sanders represents several problems for Hillary’s run-for-the-Rose Garden however, the Hillary alternative may very well be the next Nobel laureate. Mrs. Clinton will never see the nomination stage and as sure as someone at 1600 Pa Ave. doesn’t want to see Hillary in the Oval Office their desire to keep Billy outside the fence is far greater!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Fed Chair Yellen Speaks an Uncertain Truth

CBO estimates project that by 2024 U.S. Government Debt will be $27 Trillion and yet the Fed, White House and Congress continue to support wealth, productive capacity, trade, monetary, social and tax sapping policies despite the costs. Already at near unrecoverable levels if we then consider that the CBO projections do not include continued war-footing costs, defense, Obamacare and debt-serving costs, it is more likely that we will see deficits in the $33 Trillion range and no nation can survive this.

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