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Ted & Bernie Talk Pros-Cons of Healthcare

Watching the CNN broadcast of this sparring exercise illustrates just how disparate the positions are relative to healthcare. On the Sen. Sanders side, you have the view that Healthcare is an explicit “right” to be provided by Government while on the side represented by Sen. Cruz you have the position that wrestles with “access” to a system that is wholly dependent on the efficient delivery of services provided by the private sector which use block-grants to the States to breach the affordability issue.

On the Sanders-side, whose solution rests primarily on using the Medicare model, he ignores two fundamental issues:

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Rules Are the Rules

By Midnight of April 25th Cruz will not only be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright he will, as well, have fallen to third place in popularity too.

The following are a select group of response to questions/comments received after the original article as published. We believe you will find them of interest.  

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Will the RNC Hand Hillary the Oval Office? They Just Might!

The GOP/RNC Elite are feverously working their own rule-book for a way to bury Trump and, quite possibly Cruz as well, with the public, unknowingly, playing right into their game-plan. “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” so says Curly Haugland, RNC Rules Committee Chairman. He went on to say, “Political parties choose their nominee and not the general public.” When asked, “Then why bother holding the primaries?” He replied, “That’s a very good question.”

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Trump On Cruz; First Stop Iowa

Bad news for Ted; his favorability among Evangelicals is proving less potent than he’d hoped. A recent NYT/CBS polls shows Trump actually dominating this voter carve-out at 42 percent vs. 25 percent for Cruz.

Political pundits and RNC operatives, having consistently claimed Trump to be the face of the Ignorant American, are beginning to choke on their words as Trump is appearing to be far more adept at crossing boundaries than they’d planned. Team Trump has announced a key revelation to occur today. Some suggest it might be Sarah Palin (a mistake if it is) however, I’m betting on an appearance from Jerry Falwell, Jr.

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Ted Cruz Risk Shows GOP Fracture & Why Any Dem Can Win

The ascendancy of one party over another is not so much a function of strength as it is a display of the loosing party’s weakness. Case in point: Obama won, both terms, simply because the GOP (first McCain and then Romney) Candidates were so contemptibly weak and where the GOP is concerned, this has become an endemic weakness. Cruz, and soon-to-come Rand Paul, has no choice but to advance the 2016 calendar, that is, if they want to stand apart from the GOP statists and if he wants the needed strength of an overwhelming groundswell (body count) to counter the blood-money flowing to the most-favored-statist, Jeb Bush.

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