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Complicit or Compliant

Whether it be Sebelius out and Burwell in or BLM versus the grazing rights of a Nevada rancher, the narrow mindedness of the politically driven bureaucrat is counter-intuitive, destructive and defiantly unrepentant as to either. Paint or pander at will and still President Obama will own the train-wreck that is the ACA; turn a blind eye to the goings on in the Nevada desert and he might very well find himself knee-deep in another Ruby-Ridge.
The lesson? When true Representative Government morphs in to the Omniscient Central Government the connection between the will and rights of the represented are severed by politically-driven autocrats in search of a fiefdom. The only value of Central Government rests in the expedience of identifying the source of dysfunction; the problem, of course, is that a Central Government also relieves itself of responsibility for the same.
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: Your civic duty doesn’t stop at the ballot box. The ballot box is merely a gateway toward you insuring that your vote’s paired with compelling action in assuring the durability of the common ideal. This occurrence then is what becomes the cause and nature of the representative ideal and thus the expressing mechanism for the people’s collective force of will, as intended, by the Government; this single thought is the pure and kinetic essence of the U.S. founding documents.  Political aphrodisiacs serve only to split the voice of your vote and place it in opposition to the collective will of the politically-driven bureaucrats whom possess no allegiance to or with the common ideal. The result: A complete reversal of the ideal; the Government expressing its will upon the people, the action itself being the gateway for near perpetual aberrations.
#2: You’re late to the game; Romney was no better an alternative than is your conclusion a rational and disciplined response. If you truly understand the incoherent regiment of Nazi Propaganda and the tools used by Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, then you will clearly observe that your approach to discourse is precisely the same as that used by the Third Reich as well as any Tyrannical Regime of thought lacking substance. Now then, with that said, why not take a few minutes and read some of the Foundation’s posts, particularly those from around the last election period and you will, should you choose, discover the relevant facts and motives that lay behind this site; they are not, at all, as you suggest. Either way, your comments are quite useful to the greater purpose of illustrating self-induced ignorance and its dangers.
#3: Think as you choose; at the moment, at least as to thought, it remains your freedom to express your personal liberty and one I heartily endorse.
#4: As a (perhaps) parting thought consider this: There is bias in everything; effort in preserving or asserting truth is still “bias” while efforts countering the same are nothing more then an illustration of a bias-in-opposition. How you interpret them is up to you however bending your intellect into forced acceptance of them is something quite different. The fact that you may not accept a position as valid is insufficient to negate it as truthful or factual. For decades the U.S. Government asserted and claimed that the cause for U.S. involvement in Vietnam was due to the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” despite the fact that it never occurred; still, anyone who held to the position that this “incident” was fabricated was denominated along the lines of being “unpatriotic” or a “pathological liar.” I trust that you will arrive, at some point, to discover that the Government is no more your friend than are the political facilities/arguments that are used to cover for its abuses.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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