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Can We UnDo?

I am prone to applaud any effort restoring the constitutional form of republican government. As our nation finds itself in an increasingly debilitated state, the mandate is clear; the time is now. Right now!

A companion to the previous though is the importance of considering the requisite outcome and the lead-time required to affect it.  As was/is the case with the current economic and political environment, bear in mind these things just didn’t happen overnight. They took years to evolve and metastasize in to the purulent form we observe today. Rest assured their correction will consume an immense amount of time and discipline all of which begs the question; Can We UnDo what has been done?  

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A Chamberlain-esque Pledge to America

So, what is there to say about the GOP’s “A Pledge to America?”  Short answer: Not Much!  It is the quintessential poli-speak shaped, formed and refined over decades in to a supremely indefinable medium of its own.  Or, as I write in We Hold These Truths,

“The politician feels quite comfortable defining whatever they want so long as you don’t insist on their telling you, precisely, what it is!  After all, to press a point of principle is only to render them speechless!”


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