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De-Generative vs. Pro-Generative: Why Economies Fail

The current state of the U.S. Economy has a great many folks looking for some form of government action; some form of strategic plan for arresting the seemingly unstoppable trend toward certain collapse. The subject of Economics is puzzling for many particularly on the macro or national level and there is an expectation that lingers in the public sentiment that the President and Congress should be doing something about it however it is doubtful that either possess the political will to do what must be done to correct decades of flawed economic and monetary policy. 

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The Un-Tax: Releasing Productive Capacity

There’s clearly no mistaking the economic devastation that continues to wage war upon the American landscape. Why is it there’s complete silence on the part of government or any of the media talking-heads that are willing to offer-up any of the possible mechanism available to defeat the unstoppable force that seems determined to push this Country over the cliff?  Like many I continue be disturbed that the only measure of observed persistence lies in the Government’s willingness to ignore what is so painfully obvious to everyone else. Moreover, I continue to hope that at least one of the Presidential Candidates will take up the challenge though as it is they seem to be more interested in staging and tinkering with all things mundane and meaningless. 

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Chris Conner of Fox Radio 910AM, Roanoke, Va. welcomes Curtis Greco

Chris Conner of Fox Radio 910AM, Roanoke, Va. welcomes The Imperfect Messenger Foundation’s own Curtis Greco. The show streams “live” at http://foxradioroanoke.com with a scheduled broadcast time of 7:00 Am.  Be sure an tune in for what is expected to be a lively interchange of hot topics with Curtis and Fox Radio’s top Host, Chris Conner!

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Jim Barrett Radio – 1140 AM – WRVA to interview Curtis Greco

Jim Barrett Radio – 1140 AM – WRVA to interview Curtis Greco Friday @ 6:35 Am on the subject of this Nations Economic and Political outlook!  Jimmy Barrett is a top notch personality backed by 50k Watts of Broadcast Ooomph pushing him well in to the #3 position in the Richmond, Virginia market.  WRVA streams live at www.wrva.com/pages/jimmysnewpage.html so be sure and tune in!

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Globalization – A Strategy for Recovery

The abstract notion of Globalization needs to be revisited.  Proposed and instituted as if it was an inevitable maturation of Capitalism,  many are starting to question the legitimacy as well as the durability of this theoretical ruse.  An edited version of a much larger presentation, still, the points worth considering are still included.

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