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Breeding Discontent

Breeding Discontent Accompanies the Rise of Fascism. 

What seems to be lost in the Fiscal Cliff discussion is the rise in both arrogance and ignorance. For the government it can be observed in its defiance of its Constitutional Duty and the absence of any consideration as to the structural damage being done by its occurrence that not so long ago (Nixon era) would have been met with constructive action. On the Public side it can be measured in the peak dismissal of personal responsibility for insisting on constructive action and the apparent indifference to the fact that the entire process, as it now does, occurs because the Public has been made to fear standing upon and asserting reason by way of enforcing their will upon the incompetent aggressors. Yes, the Public now believes it is safe to remain silent choosing instead to appear relevant and conscientious by turning on one another by way of the in-your-face political-spike. 

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