Breeding Discontent

Breeding Discontent Accompanies the Rise of Fascism. 

What seems to be lost in the Fiscal Cliff discussion is the rise in both arrogance and ignorance. For the government it can be observed in its defiance of its Constitutional Duty and the absence of any consideration as to the structural damage being done by its occurrence that not so long ago (Nixon era) would have been met with constructive action. On the Public side it can be measured in the peak dismissal of personal responsibility for insisting on constructive action and the apparent indifference to the fact that the entire process, as it now does, occurs because the Public has been made to fear standing upon and asserting reason by way of enforcing their will upon the incompetent aggressors. Yes, the Public now believes it is safe to remain silent choosing instead to appear relevant and conscientious by turning on one another by way of the in-your-face political-spike. 

Like all things contrived there is a motive and the Fiscal Cliff is no exception; true it is being played out in the form of a political-stunt however the game is definitely not Political. It is, however, an extension of a dying paradigm desperately attempting to save itself and the techniques it is applying are categorically fascist;  

…the deliberate suppression of thought and action so as to make way for a dictatorial result… 

with just enough pandering to the greedy-entitled and deeply politicized public to drive them into being and remaining both silent and pliable.  

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  – Winston Churchill 

Like the so-called War On Terror, the proclaimed sanctuary of Bailouts and Stimulus Packages all are aimed at securing the elite from earning membership in the growing ranks of the economic and socially fallen; to preserve the privileged of their right to define for themselves membership in the ascending ranks of the elite without regard to what one does (or did) to earn said entitlement. Yes indeed this is the neo-narcissistic creed of Diversity – America 2012 and beyond.  

Indeed, we are continuing to witness the new American Melting-Pot of Gangster- Assimilation brought to you by the public license of arrogance, ignorance and depravity. What was once, as recent as the Reagan Administration (more conspicuous being the Nixon Administration), a process that would have been met with Congressional and Public outrage is now mere routine and commonplace; tragic to be witness to this open incineration of the American Ideal. Perhaps, if only on grounds of acute specifics, the discrediting of the Mayan notion of apocalyptic change may be premature; if we were to apply a more universal context specifically as to the consequence of our present course then I believe their outlook as entirely relevant and so should you.

A Deal That Comes

The version of truth that comes in the form of a deal will be built around saving first the System; the Financial and Multi-National Elite and it will come in the predictable salvation-move that will be yet another avert-disaster-motif of necessity not at all unlike those which came before and failed to deliver on their spoken promise; how sacred and valuable the avert-disaster-motif has become.   

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” – President George W. Bush 

The Fiscal-Cliff has nothing to do with extending tax-cuts; it is all about Financial Influence and the accumulation of Debt that it supports. The President has been instructed to hold to a mandate that secures a mechanism for by-passing Constitutional Debt Restrictions and Congressional authority. Watch for it and as the process develops toward this stated outcome you will witness the extremes of arrogance and ignorance; whether you observe it as a blade upon your throat of freedom & liberty will be entirely up to you.  

In the end, 

I suppose that some may wonder if or claim my reference to fascism is just short of a reckless spoof and that it is not possible for the President to exert such authority; I of course will object to the supposition by historical reference reminding you that both the Executive and Legislative Branches routinely assert mutual consent despite the intention and purpose of Constitutionally mandated checks and balances; to be sure we have not arrived to the current state of affairs by the actions of one person but by the consenting action or inactions of the many.  

“The growing tension mask the silent who sit within the shadows,
Fearful, weak and tepid still they know and yet remain fearful, weak and tepid.
Hush make not a sound; let not it known how thy spirit trembles,
Dare not to let it known how driving winds pitting sands wear the sacred script on stone.
The blank warms of safety within the shadows.” 

The solutions are amazingly simple which is why every American should be suspicious as to the reason why they are never considered.

Stay silent America; the gangsters are counting on it.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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