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G7:Meeting and Understanding the Structure of Generational Waste

Yes of course! Merkel (Germany), Macron (France) and Trudeau (Canada) should be unsettled by President Trump wanting to carve-out a new trade structure, after all, since the end of World War II, the U.S. has bent-over backwards to resuscitate these Post-War Economies. The problem is that although the injection of inflationary monetary policies may have awakened their capabilities it will never, on its own, keep them alive and these Heads of State, and I’m speaking specifically of the EU and Canada, need the U.S. to help keep their social experiments, their Corporate Elite afloat. The Opposition-Press, by its insistence that the President has somehow offended our Allies, has once again injected its signature hyperbole into an issue it is ill prepared to intelligently discuss, for now however let’s leave it at this: One must understand that the public friction demonstrated by Ms. Merkel and Mr. Trudeau is not over national (public) interests but Corporate Financial/Economic Interests. In effect what the global-elite has accomplished is to have imbedded a fiat monetary policy concealing within it an incrementally expanding global trade policy built on the theory of comparative-advantage, the idea that some States perform certain things/tasks more effectively than others, ignoring the fact that this notion on its own serves to imbalance the equation whilst ignoring the fact that there are certain components of the “viable trade equation” that must ultimately achieve balance if they are to work; as it is (presently) we just blow them up and call it a recession/depression. Think of it this way: the U.S. may have an exemplary capacity for consuming things however for the scheme to work if it must also have a self-multiplying capacity to offset the drain, the ability to produce wealth from which it draws funds from to pay for its consumption, it doesn’t of course and therein lies the problem. In short order, nothing you are told that works the way it should works at all!

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An October Surprise You May Not See Coming!

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the U.S. Airstrikes (9/17) that killed Syrian Troops, but what you’ve not heard about because of Western Media Blackout is that Russian warships fired three Caliber, a cruise-missile type variant, on a U.S. established Field Operations Room located in the western “Rebel-held” Aleppo Region of Syria (9/20).

This Intelligence facility’s primary roll focuses on the integration of intelligence and logistical area support and although orchestrated by the U.S. companion forces/interests also include the British, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Qatar. While the American Public is being schooled to accept that ISIS and Al Qaeda remnants are the anchor threat, the U.S. and its regional allies are well known to be at ease being their sponsors in the battle to excise the Assad regime in Syria.

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On the Horizon: October Surprise!

With the dizzying area of political-mischief going on it can be difficult to observe movement in directions adverse to your interests. By now it should be clear that in the hierarchy of the Democratic-Republican Order that there is no difference, particularly in Foreign Policy. As far as the Domestic Agenda is concerned there is common ground as well. A general hostility as to both the interests and judgment of the American People and you know this to be true as all one has to do is observe how the minority opinion drives the majority outcome:

(1) Obamacare

(2) Immigration

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The Economy of Crude

Since the mid-70’s Crude Oil has taken on a form far beyond that of simple commodity. It has become a metering rod, a tool of political-economic influence closely controlled by a global-elite and easily dispersed or manipulated with a wink and a nod. An alternate currency, if you will, easily convertible into or leveraged by any currency you wish to target or transport.

Over the last 15 years the world has become highly fractured and non-responsive to manipulative inputs that had previously proven to be effective. Russia stubbornly refuses to collapse under the weight of Western Sanctions, Saudi Arabia is keenly aware that in order to continue milking its cash-cow it must protect the influence of OPEC as a key oil producer/market-maker and for this reason they’ve decided to continue flooding the global market.

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